Trump Did Better In 2020 With Every Demographic Except White Men

According to the 2020 exit polls done by Edison, Trump put up better numbers with every race and gender except white men.


It’s worth noting that exit polls are just a sample and the numbers could change a little bit as the vote is further analyzed, but they’re probably fairly close to right.

With that in mind, the fact that Trump’s numbers could go up with all of these groups even with media non-stop claiming he’s racist, sexist, horrible person indicates three things in particular.

First off, Trump aggressively pursued the votes of suburban moms and black Americans, and guess what? It seemed to work. Maybe more Republicans should try that sort of thing instead of writing off blocks of potentially reachable voters.

Second, all we’ve heard from Country Club Republicans for two decades is that we need to push amnesty to appeal to Hispanic Americans. Well, amnesty squish John McCain got 31% of the Hispanic vote and Mitt Romney, who started tough, then went soft on the issue got 27%. Trump outperformed both of them while making being tough on illegal immigration a core part of his presidency.

Last, but not least, the mainstream media’s credibility is eroding enough that a larger share of the public simply doesn’t believe what they say about Republicans anymore. Not everyone is happy about that either. For example, here’s Charles Blow from the New York Times.

Had Trump not improved his numbers like this with women and minorities, the election would already be over since he lost a little steam with white males.
Whatever happens during this election, more Republicans need to follow up on this. If Trump can get 17% of the black male vote or even 18% depending on whose exit poll numbers you believe, why can’t other Republicans build on that and get 25% next time around?
Do you want to create a political earthquake in America? Let Republicans do well enough with black Americans that both parties have to actually compete for their votes and you’ll start to see it.
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