Trump Covid Diagnosis, Get well soon, Mr. President and Melania

By now you’ve heard that President Trump and first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The president shared the news just a few hours after we got word that one of his top aides, Hope Hicks, had tested positive. Most folks are wishing the pair well, or saying prayers for them before they go to sleep tonight.

President Trump is a high-risk group for COVID hospitalization, given his age and weight. But, as you can probably (sadly) expect, his critics are either smirking, or outright celebrating the scary diagnosis.


Student gun control activist Cameron Kasky posted an Instagram video of himself laughing at the diagnosis. And there’s apparently a whole thread of Tik Tokers who are sharing their own bliss.

See below for some more outrageous responses, including those who suggested that the president had it coming.


Oct 2, 2020

Anyone could be unlucky and contract this virus, no matter how careful they are, but the entire world has observed Donald Trump flagrantly ignoring the advice of his own pandemic experts. He’s traveled needlessly, he’s socialized in large groups, he has neglected to wear a mask.

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Olivia Nuzzi
The president of the United States is arguably the most protected person in the world. Guarded by the best security, treated by the best doctors. He lives an insulated existence. That Donald Trump contracted this virus is a testament not to its strength, but to his carelessness.
Rachel Maddow MSNBC
God bless the president and the first lady. If you pray, please pray for their speedy and complete recovery — and for everyone infected, everywhere. This virus is horrific and merciless — no one would wish its wrath on anyone. We must get its spread under control. Enough.
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