Trump continues to outpace Biden in events through final stretch

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Trump had ten events for the final two days before Election Day!

President Trump had an astonishing number of events planned across multiple states in the final days of his 2020 campaign, which continued to outpace those hosted by his Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

On Sunday alone, Trump planned to hold rallies in Michigan, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina and Georgia. He is expected to hold another five events on Monday.

Biden had two planned stops in Pennsylvania on Sunday, including an event and a fundraiser. He is scheduled to appear in Cleveland on Monday and then return to the Keystone State.

Biden was largely absent from the campaign trail throughout the spring and into the summer due to coronavirus-related social distancing guidelines.

Trump, however, continued to hold in-person events whenever possible – including outdoors at airport hangars.

Biden’s lack of in-person events was a repeated focal point of Trump criticism and even earned him a couple of nicknames including “Hidin’ Biden” and “Basement Joe.”

Early on in the pandemic, the Twitter hashtag #WhereIsJoeBiden began to trend.

Biden took some flak for a number of gaffes from some of the virtual events he hosted, ranging from technical difficulties to verbal missteps.

He has maintained that his campaign trail-related decisions, including socially distanced events where attendees wear masks, have been made in compliance with CDC-recommended guidelines and to promote health and safety among attendees.

His physical absence, however, was notable and raised some concerns among supporters.

Some experts have attributed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss in part to her decision not to employ more resources in key swing states, while Trump used the same strategy of holding appearances across many states.

Biden, however, had called in back-up over the weekend from a number of Hollywood stars, including singers Lady Gaga and John Legend, who were scheduled to appear with him and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., at separate upcoming appearances in Pennsylvania.

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