Trump Rally: Who are The RINOs Who Consider Biden President-Elect

Video: Huge Crowd of Trump Supporters Gathers for Georgia Rally: “Trump, Trump Trump!”

President Trump just asked people to let him know who in the US Congress acknowledges that Joe Biden is president-elect…He’s taking names.

The president tweeted out an article from the Washington Post that claims 25 Republicans consider Biden to be the president-elect.

“25, wow! I am surprised there are so many. We have just begun to fight. Please send me a list of the 25 RINOs. I read the Fake News Washington Post as little as possible!”

“The Washington Post surveyed all 249 Republicans in the House and Senate. Only 25 would acknowledge that Joe Biden is president-elect.”

The Washington Post claims that the Republicans in Congress are afraid of Trump, so 70% didn’t respond to the questions. Could it really be that the Congresspeople are like President Trump and ignore the Washington Post?

The results demonstrate the fear that most Republicans have of the outgoing president and his grip on the party, despite his new status as just the third elected president to lose reelection in the past 80 years. More than 70 percent of Republican lawmakers did not acknowledge The Post’s questions as of Friday evening.

President Trump is having a Georgia rally tonight at the Valdosta Regional Airport beginning at 7 pm ET, but the Trump supporters began gathering yesterday. The support for our president is huge. This morning, buses dropped off people for the rally too. It’s going to be a special night.

The most recent video from Brendan Gutenschwager shows how the area is filling up:

Buses full of people are arriving:

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