Traded children, bodies and weapons found on Evergreen ship

From shipping containers loaded on the Evergreen, the US Navy Seals rescued more than 1,000 children, as well as dead bodies, in the Suez Canal. As of the date of the report, children from more than 18,000 containers on the Evergreen were still being rescued and other bodies discovered. The containers were on the Evergreen Corporation, which blocked the canal from March 23 through March 29, causing billions in international losses in shipping company revenue.

The US Navy Seals also found weapons of mass destruction on the six-story ship, believed to have been designed to start a war in the Middle East. As of Tuesday, the cargo ship Evergreen had finally been released and taken to Bitter Lake in Egypt. At the behest of the Egyptian President, containers were removed from the ship and searched by US Navy Seals.

The Japanese-owned and Taiwanese-operated Evergreen Corporation is actually co-owned by Walmart and the Clinton Foundation – a well-known international group of child traffickers. These children have been banned from magazines such as Wayfair by paedophiles who paid big money for some abused children.

It was assumed that Evergreen was carrying not only children, but also weapons of mass destruction. It was also found that many other ships that were blocked in the Suez Canal last week were carrying weapons — apparently used to start a war in the Middle East. Why the Mossad intelligence service was supposed to hand over the weapons to the Muslims.

Human traffickers were arrested and cartels were smashed – their owners around the world lost critical income. It is said that during the blockage of ships in the canal, Operation Deep State lost $400 million an hour – which would be meaningless compared to what these children were going through.

Evergreen ships had problems in ports all over the world. Why? Why did U.S. Navy Seals special forces magically appear on the scene to save the children? Did the ship run amly damaged on purpose? It has been rumored that holes in Microsoft’s software allowed someone to hack into evergreen’s software and take control and head ashore with it.

Maybe we’ll never hear the whole story. The captain of the Evergreen in the Suez Canal has so far refused to cooperate. Why on earth wouldn’t the ship’s captain cooperate if there weren’t compelling reasons? He doesn’t want to hand over the black box?

Why would a vessel of this size sailing from Taiwan cite the Netherlands as its first destination? Why wouldn’t the article below mention Amsterdam? Many significant signals and guides have been released.

Egypt could ask for $1 billion for the cost of blocking the transport of the Ever Given: Guido Fawkes Telegram of Thursday, April 1: “The Ever Given was occupied by the US Navy Seals. They opened several containers with both the living and the dead inside. The vessel is on Bitter Lake and the Navy is unloading. No images will escape, but one has been sent to me.”

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