Towards the end of time, they must tell people the truth.

They’ve told mankind everything in the past. But who believed What they said? I insert an important translation of the interview that was told to the people in 1981.

But who would believe that? Too hard. As Thomas repeats over and over again: Towards the end of time, they must tell people the truth.

Jacques Attali was an adviser to François Mitterrand, the former President of France, and in 1981 he wrote:

“In the future, it will be about finding a way to reduce the population. Let’s start with the old ones. Once a person reaches the age of 60–65, he lives longer than he produces, and that costs society power. Then we will continue with the weak and unnecessary, who bring nothing to society, because they are constantly increasing, and then above all by the stupid ones.


Euthanasia targets these groups, and euthanasia must in any case become a necessary instrument for our future societies. Of course, we won’t be able to kill people and organize camps. We get rid of them by letting them think it’s for the best. Too large, and a largely unnecessary population is something that is economically too expensive. Also, socially, it is better for the human machine to be suddenly stopped than to degenerate more and more.


We won’t be able to handle millions of intelligence tests of millions of people, just imagine. We’re going to cause something, a pandemic that’s going to be targeted at certain people, a real economic crisis, or not, some virus that’s going to attack the old or the elderly doesn’t matter. The weak or frightened will succumb. The fools will believe it and beg to be treated. We’ll make sure we have custody planned. Care that will be the solution. So the choice of idiots will solve itself, they will go to slaughter themselves.”

There’s no clearer way to say it. And these are the people they want to get rid of, seniors. And look, that’s exactly what’s going on with priority vaccinations right now, first the old, then the disabled, they’re going to get Johnson & Johnson, it’s supposed to be offered to the homeless, etc. So, so to say…

We should also once again confirm that this fragment is a short story of the future in a book that appeared in France in 2006. Jacuques Attali is an economics scientist and president of the founders of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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