Too Much Infighting Going On and Monkey Werx Overwatch SITREP – 1-26-22

Here’s the Monkey Werx’s report for January 26th . . Too Much Infighting Going On For My Liking…

I like to try and stay neutral when it comes to the narrative that we are fed on a daily basis. Seeing that I refuse to even look or listen to what the mainstream is selling, that leaves me with this counter media to try and sort out all the garbage to grab what morsels can be found among all the ego’s in the counter media.

I really really could care less what one ego thinks of another ego on the Internet, but clearly that is not the case with all of us who are lucky to have the privilege of being able to post on this platform. This thing with the woman, and now the General plays right into the hands of the controllers. No amount of ‘talk’ and opinion of what one ego thinks of another ego can sway me, you have to show me clear cut EVIDENCE, to convince me you are on to something.

Now to get back to my point on information, tonight I have been told we will get evidence, and lots of it supposedly about Flynn, according to one of the video making talking heads. We shall see just what that ego has to say tonight. I highly doubt he can move me from my vantage point.

Another of the bigger ego’s declares a couple of days ago, he has to go dark for two, to three weeks, because of ‘illness’, turns out that ego cannot go three days, without feeding his addiction.
I would point out that this particular ego was a later comer to the video(big deal, same old tell a vision/boob tube brain programming platform) making, I guess his numbers must have been dwindling on his print blog.

There are some among us(the agents/posters) who are addicted to the name game. BFD, some ego has a fancy website, claims to have sources and pontificates like he is someone. These folks are going to regret in the near future that they inserted themselves into the narrative, and brought themselves to our attention. THAT is not the way to approach us.

We base our assessment of people on their actions, not their words. There are very few on the Internet who actions and words match. Truth is not hard to see, because it speaks to you, speculation comes off as a fool’s errand and there is far too much of that going around for the many to consume.

I personally try to keep it as real as I can when passing on information, so that in the end it can be seen I was not acting on my ego, but rather my concern for my fellow human beings, that’s all for this one, stay vigilant, and may Almighty God bless you all beyond your understanding.

Too Much Infighting Going On For My Liking…

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