“Tolerant Liberals” Censor Free Speech, Burn Literature

Paul Joseph Watson,

Pro-life protest crashed by angry Communist thugs.

 A shocking illustration of how truly intolerant self-proclaimed “tolerant liberals” really are occurred today in Austin, Texas when pro-abortion agitators from a group called ‘Red Guard’ attempted to physically censor the free speech of pro-life advocates before attacking recording equipment during an Infowars live stream of the demonstration.

The protest took place outside a Planned Parenthood facility in Austin to draw attention to the fact that on average a black baby is aborted every minute in the United States and that black women are twice as likely to have abortions in comparison to whites.

This issue has been completely overlooked by the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which apparently thinks little of the hundreds of thousands of black babies every year that never even get a chance at life, including in major cities like New York where more black babies are aborted than ones actually born.


Source: InfoWars.com

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