Those who point out the Truth are Liars

Where are all the people who point out that those who point out the truth are liars when it comes to simply looking at the same photos of the same inauguration?

Something as obvious as the same photos with different or missing people in the backgrounds should be obvious. But naysayers only see what they choose to see.

Speaking About News

Do people always sit sideways looking out at other things behind speakers? I guess they do now.

Has anyone tried calling the White House today? Call and see if you get a message and what that message is. You may just hear “Thank you for contacting the White House. The White House is temporarily closed but you can contact them on their website and leave a comment.” Call and check it out for yourself. Phone: 202-456-1111.

Ask yourself this….when has the White House ever been temporarily closed?

Dianne Marshall

Glory’s Gate – Christian Based Music Ministry Presents a Video Premier of their new release that fits perfectly into the events of this day! It’s a must listen and one you will enjoy over and over!

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