This Vet Is Sick Of ISIS’ Reign Of Terror, So He’s Doing This, And It Won’t Cost Gov’t A Dime

 One veteran is organizing his own platoon of warriors willing to take the fight to Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Working independently from the U.S. military, Sean Rowe recently explained that more than two dozen fellow vets have already signed on to participate.

“If you watch the news going on over there,” he said, “they definitely need help.”

Describing himself as a “well-trained veteran with the best military in the world,” Rowe said he and his team are the best men for the job.

“There’s nothing more important than helping these innocent women and children who are being slaughtered over there,” he continued, acknowledging that the mission he and his brothers-in-arms face is a daunting one.

“We have several connections with locals in both Iraq and Syria,” he said, “so we know it’s going to be very dangerous.”


 When it comes to supplies, he said the team has “most of what we need right now,” though there are several deficiencies he hopes supporters will help fund.

“We are seeking to raise support because we can’t take a lot of stuff with us,” he explained, “so we’re going to be depending on the locals unless we can raise more funds. We’ll be depending on the locals there for weapons, gear and whatever – even rations, food. We’d like to get a medivac vehicle and we’d like to be able to not have to depend on the locals for food.”

Anyone wishing to support the mission can donate at Rowe’s website or contact him on social media.

In addition to the substantial team he’s already assembled, he said he has been in contact with other veterans and is “trying to handpick the best people for this mission.”

When asked how the enemy he will face next compares to those he saw during his active duty service, Rowe responded that “these are a different breed of guys” he sees as “rabid dogs that need to be put down.”

As for the Iraqi and Syrian governments, he said he hopes they will offer support instead of resistance.

“Hopefully they won’t try to get in our way,” he said. “This is something they should be encouraging.”

Rowe and his team are hardly the only U.S. veterans willing to go into harm’s way once again to eradicate ISIS and Islamic terrorists where they live. As Western Journalism exclusively reported, wounded U.S. Army SSG Brian Mast recently headed to Israel – despite having lost both legs in service – to volunteer with troops on the ground.

Do you support this vet’s mission? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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