The Fall of the Cabal Things Are Going to Move Quickly Now: Video

Michael K Jaco, The fall of the cabal is in progress and about to heat up. Have food and water ready for 2 weeks.

So many people just can’t wrap their heads around the fact that the MSM is our enemy. They say “I always listen to lots of channels such as Fox, MSNBC, NBC, CNN, etc. to make sure I’m getting information from many sources.” Unbelievable.

Some of them like my mother have spent there whole lives and have lost loved ones in wars that never should have been fought because they believed what the media told them.
When you tell them that the reason we went into Vietnam never happened or about the countries that we actually went to war because they made there own currency and crossed the elite bankers and millions of people died because these rulers wanted to put there people like they where elected to do instead of selling the elites out like our government was demanding they do.
When some people find out how many people they killed for the wrong reason they may not be able to believe it or forgive themselves.

“The Italian Government and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte are directly involved in the electoral fraud that affected the American elections leading to Joe Biden’s pending illegal victory.”

Lindsey Graham was supposed to fly American Airlines to South Carolina for the weekend. Military personnel along with the police department escort Lindsey Graham back from the gate toward the exit of the airport which you will see signs they exit a stairwell which allows them to escape back to DC.

The two soldiers on the right side of Lindsay are military the one guy holding Lindsay is military. He didn’t make it back to his home in South Carolina. I know a friend who works under the Pentagon and it was confirmed that shit is going down !!!!!! There is military support being sent to many areas of the US…

I am 58 years old and pretty well-traveled, having lived in six different countries and traveled the world two times, and I can honestly say that I have been waiting for this event all my life.

The corruption and darkness I have seen all around the world is very worrying, I have always tried to avoid dark souls whenever I encounter them, you can feel the heaviness they exude when they try to control you.

I guess this is the reason we are here on this physical illusionary plane to participate and witness this global historical event, dark to light.

Stay strong my brothers and sisters, and don’t just Make America Great Again (MAGA), Make the World Great Again (MWGA). WWG1WGA.

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