There’s Something Seriously Wrong With Democrats

Derek Hunter, That Queen Elizabeth II passed away this week was a surprise only in the sense of the day it happened.

Nothing against the Queen, who always seemed like a nice, lovely person, but she was 96. When someone is 96 years old the days are numbered. One day we might cheat death, or find ways to postpone it much longer than nature dictates currently, but that day isn’t today. So, sad as it is for family and friends of anyone who passes away at any age, surprise isn’t a word that leaps to mind to describe it. That being said, there was a surprise that accompanied the news that day – just how awful “progressive” leftists are as human beings.

If we’re being honest, and we have to be honest, Jimmy Carter is not long for this world. The man was a horrible President of the United States – the worst in modern times until Joe Biden stumbled into the job – but when he dies it won’t occur to be to gloat or attack him. He seems like a decent man, he was simply wrong about everything in terms of both policy and politics.

To put it in basic terms, he sucked. Were it not for Biden, Carter would still be sitting on top of the heap of awful Presidents. That’s not a reason to celebrate his death.

I say this as someone who won’t cry when he passes – I didn’t know him, have no connection with him – but I don’t wish him ill. I will simply offer condolences on social media and that’s about it. I may correct some revisionist history that inevitably occurs when a politician dies, nothing more. It’s called being a normal human being.

Being a normal human being, or even just decent, is something beyond the reach of progressive Democrats. Actually, it’s not beyond their reach, they don’t even try to reach it. They’re just horrible people.

Queen Elizabeth’s passing was met with normal people offering condolences and progressives denouncing her existence.

Case in point, though not close to the only example, is Uju Anya, linguistics professor at Carnegie Mellon University showed her true nature when she tweeted, “I heard the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating.”

After revealing to the world she’s the type of person worthy of having her final resting place be listed as a destination for anyone seeking to unburden their bladder of its capacity, Anya added, “If anyone expects me to express anything but disdain for the monarch who supervised a government that sponsored the genocide that massacred and displaced half my family and the consequences of which those alive today are still trying to overcome, you can keep wishing upon a star.”

I don’t know what happened to her family, but any member who doesn’t have to be around to deal with Uju got off lucky.

See, that’s mean. I shouldn’t have said that, but to hell with her and her ilk.

When Ronald Reagan died, the left went into overdrive to smear him, to bastardize the first draft of history to make it what they wanted it to be. When George H. W. Bush passed, same thing. There isn’t a Republican who’s died that at least some faction of the left didn’t spend a lot of time smearing even before the funeral.

Democrats have no decency. “Black Twitter” spent the day whining about colonialization and racism, cheering the Queen’s death. They didn’t seem bothered by the goon on a killing spree in Memphis, but a nice only lady dying got many users seemingly sexually aroused.

I can’t say being a douchebag on social media is the fast track to hell because I think God has higher standards, not to mention better things to do than monitor the Internet (plus, I can be one too). But I do think it says something about a political movement when they routinely try to smear someone who just died.

If they can’t even give civility a day, do we owe them anything?

I’m all for giving the left a huge dose of their own medicine, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

When Bill or Hillary Clinton die I won’t shed a tear, they are horrible people. But they are people. When Joe Biden’s physical being catches up with his brain, I won’t dance on his coffin. I won’t celebrate any of it as those who care about them grapple with the news. It’s a choice to not be a jackass.

After a suitable morning period passes it’s game on, but not immediately. Sadly, there’s something seriously wrong with Democrats that they can’t control themselves even for a day.

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