The Vaccinated Spreading Infection?

Western COVID-19 Vaccines Failing? The Vaccinated Spreading Infection?

According to RT’s Ben Swann, across the world, three countries, Israel, the UK and Scotland were the first to vaccinate almost entirely their population. The problem that is being reported now is something called ‘vaccine failure’, which is that half of the people who is being hospitalized in Israel were already vaccinated, and it Scotland its the same and 40 percent in the UK. And numbers are coming out saying that Singapore is experiencing the same thing.

So one of the things people who have not been vaccinated are asking, why are you demanding that we get vaccinated if we can still contract COVID and even have to be hospitalized, even if we are vaccinated.

There’s a huge concern about kids vaccinated who end up with heart inflammation, myocarditis – are getting this and the CDC has recognized this.

These vaccines are still emergency use authorizations and we should not be forced to give the people these vaccinations.

COVID is declining equally among the unvaccinated and the vaccinated and that is causing people to pause.

( However, a mystery is brewing in California counties where higher corona-virus rates are being reported and those counties all have higher vaccination rates.)


The State Serum Institute (SSI) is reporting that more than one-fifth of the new, more contagious Delta variant that is spreading of coronavirus has been found in people vaccinated from the country of Denmark who were issued a so-called “corona pass”. And over 1,200 Danes are sick with COVID-19 after both vaccine shots.

The Israelis are reporting that Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations only protect persons from one variant of the corona-virus, so it follows that people who are vaccinated with these vaccines are not protected from the Delta variant and will have to be revaccinated again. The pharmaceutical companies are happy about this arrangement? Will the “worldwide vaccination drive” against COVID end in failure? Is the “worldwide vaccination drive” NEVER ENDING?

Pandemic solved? European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said, the bloc has reached COVID vaccination goals despite spike in cases: “The EU has kept its word and delivered. Our target was to protect 70% of adults in the European Union with at least one dose of vaccination in July. Today we have achieved this target,” said von der Leyen in a video address on Tuesday (July 27).

( The European Commission chief should also announce that even with 70% of adults in the EU who have had at least one dose of COVID19 vaccine, with 57% already have full vaccination, they are all still not protected against the Delta variant.)

And the CDC is reporting that persons infected with the corona-virus have ‘just as much viral load as unvaccinated’…, in recent studies, said the Director Rochelle Walensky from the agency, (article, here).