The Three Things To Do Next

Katie Hopkins, We have work to do.

“When I am not crying, I feel frozen and numb.”

The text above, like so many others I have received from the great Americans I was fortunate to campaign alongside this summer in America, threatens to break my heart all over again.

And I understand it. I can feel it — viscerally. As a respectful outsider to your great country, I use ‘we’ when I think of you and me, because I feel it just as keenly too.

We feel disbelief at what just happened and near paralysis at the thought of it. It is as if someone changed the speed setting on life and forced everything into slow motion, where you get to watch a horrible moment of impact play out in excruciating detail, wincing hard for the moment of impact that hasn’t truly made itself felt just yet.

And there IS a lot of tough stuff to swallow:

1) World leaders like Boris Johnson congratulating Biden, scrambling to be the first to deposit an odious message on twitter: ’looking forward to working together on our shared priorities of climate change, trade and security’. In truth, Biden’s policies (were he to be formally elected as President) would actually be a version of AOC’s Green New Deal and a disaster for America and the UK.

2) The media and their relentless push for Biden, pumping a win they have no right to declare, and reveling in the perceived humiliation of Trump.

The self-aggrandizer in chief from CNN, Don Lemon with his $4million annual salary believes he has had it toughest of all: ‘I don’t dare speak for my colleagues, but I can’t tell you how difficult its been as a journalist to cover this dark part of our history. Let’s hope the attacks on journalists, journalism and EVERYONE ends’.

Then again, he owns poodles…Has it really been that difficult for you Little Don, you poor little tortured puppet, sitting in your comfy studio with your make-up artist and production team?

3) And then there’s the Biden-Harris supporters themselves (although admittedly many of these appear to be people who died a decade ago). I watch them celebrating the alleged Biden win and realized they aren’t actually celebrating a Biden win at all — but a perceived Trump loss.

For them, Trump losing is much more meaningful than a Biden win. And that tells you a lot about Democrat supporters and the media who are backing them. It is never about the hard work of building something great, but rather the temporary thrill of destroying something already in play.

Regardless of all this tough stuff we are being force fed, there is a way for us to take back control and to feel a whole lot better:

[1] We can reject the narrative.

The media does NOT call an election. Fraud is NOT acceptable and until the courts have ruled on any outstanding matters, Biden is NOT the President. It does not matter how many world leaders want to congratulate him, or how many times you hear ‘President-Elect Biden’ repeated in the press.

We have to reject the narrative we are being force fed. Look what happens to anyone inside the media when they try to speak for themselves or articulate the alleged fraud. Yet again, Judge Jeanine was sacrificed by Fox News when she tried to speak her truths. I wish the boys on team had the moral courage to stand by her side.

[2] We can remember our truths.

They are powerful and authentic. Our truths are built on four years of supporting the President, of working hard at grass roots to build momentum and support, and understanding the difference he has made to the lives of ordinary Americans. Our faith is strong because of time invested in attending his rallies or helping with his re-election. And the truths of the Republican Party are strong too.

Right now, the Republican Party is doing better with Hispanics and blacks that at any other time in its history. And this success has been demonstrated in the House and Senate. Republican incumbents held their Senate seats, creating a Republican majority of 53 to 47 pre run offs.

Republicans flipped eight house seats, six by female candidates. At least 13 GOP women are headed to the House. And these newly elected women are fierce conservatives who echo Trump on a range of issues, including building a wall, defending gun rights and scrapping the Affordable Care Act.

Our truths matter.

[3] We stand strong.

Now is the time to hold the line behind President Trump.

We have observed the silence of those keeping their heads below the parapet, and heard from the treacherous list of cretins who could not wait to stick the boot in and display their RINO credentials for the world to see; like Mitt Romney calling Trump a 900lb gorilla. Better to be a 900lb gorilla than a snake.

None of us want to be like Mitt Romney. In fact, I’d argue Mitt Romney doesn’t even want to be Mitt Romney as a failed Presidential candidate and someone that voted to impeach the President of his own party. How on earth can he call himself a Republican?

We do not concede. We put our heads up and follow the leaders pushing us forward like Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor-Greene and young influencers like Scott Pressler and Brandon Straka who are national treasures (or at least should be) and have been relentless in their efforts to support the President.

Millions more Americans voted for Trump in 2020 than in 2016. He remains the most important and powerful man in the Republican Party, and arguably the Party is stronger than at any time before.

My message back to your texts is that you don’t have to sit and watch this car crash, election steal play out in slow-mo any more. You have work to do.

You resist the narrative. You know your truths. And you stand strong.

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