The systemic corruption in this election is breath taking

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This Election is unlike any we have ever witnessed.  Corrupt news media, big tech censorship, billionaire liberals investing in losing candidates, ballot harvesting and voter fraud, the systemic corruption in this election is breath taking.  Newt’s message for each of us? It’s time for us to get mad.

Facebook Censors Mark Levin – Rush Limbaugh Radio

Democrats Renew Calls for Twitter to Suspend Trump for Spreading Misinformation – Politico

Twitter, Facebook have Censored Trump 65 Times Compared to Zero for Biden, Study Says – Fox News

Democrat Campaign Money

Bloomberg Spent More Than $100 Million In Florida, Ohio, and Texas To Stop Trump. He Failed. – DailyWire

Potential Election Fraud

‘Mapping Error’ Leads to 30K Pennsylvania Voters Receiving Incorrect Ballots – New York Post

Trump Campaign Scores Another Win in Pennsylvania Court; Some Ballots Lacking Voter ID Info Must Be Set Aside – DailyWire

WATCH: Trump Team Confronts Philly Officials For ‘Violating’ Judge’s Election Order – DailyWire

Michigan County Clerk: We’ve Got ‘Apparently Skewed Results’ – DailyWire

Voting Laws

52 USC 20511: Criminal penalties for Voter Fraud – US House of Representatives