The Rabbit Hole: Get Up to Speed on NESARA and GESARA, The Great Awakening


CHARLIE WARD and JAMES DELINGPOLE, Host of the Charlie Ward show – takes James down the rabbit hole and brings him up to speed on NESARA/GESARA, the Great Awakening and Donald Trump’s Second Term. FEMA camps for the treasonous! There is a psyops war on America, where propaganda techniques developed for military purposes are now being applied on the United States.

Disinformation is one of the main tools, where “the enemy” is confused and demoralized by rumors, and planted stories in the media are designed to make them distrust their own leaders and capitulate without a fight.

James Delingpole interviews the world’s most fascinating people.

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Simon Parkes: How do you tell the inside story from fake news? He claims to have a wealth of secret inside information and Monday said he had a conversation with “the real Q.” His videos promise that everything is in place for Trump to pull the plug on the Deep State. Troops are massing, indictments have been written, secret arrests have already been made.

The best way to combat psyops misinformation campaigns is to be as skeptical as Hell.
Think about what you’re seeing. Is your source well-known and reliable? Does it make sense? Does it fit with other information you’ve seen from other, un-related sources? Look for the warning signs such as “please share this with everyone you know so they can be prepared.”

If the information is censored, it’s probably true, and if it’s being widely distributed, it’s probably false.

Do some research. Watch the video. Look for other videos of the same event from different sources. It is authentic or could it have been staged? The Left has been lying about Trump and his agenda for the last four years. When one series of lies is exposed, the media simply ignores the fact that they’ve been caught and immediately moves on to the next big lie.

I don’t know if President Trump is about to “release the Kraken” and arrest the traitors or activate the 2018 executive order on foreign election interference – I sure hope he does. If not, our country is in for an extremely dark future.

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