The One Twitter Thread Shatters the Myth of Andrew Cuomo on COVID

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is supposedly a COVID hero. Dr. Anthony Fauci credited New York for handling this viral outbreak correctly, which is insane.

New York was infested with cases and suffered thousands of deaths. In fact, the number might be higher ever since it was revealed that the state was cooking the books on the number of nursing home deaths. You see, Andy decided to force nursing homes to accept COVID-positive persons which led to outbreaks in these facilities and a pile of bodies.

It’s not hard to see why there’s an outrage. The governor forced facilities that house the most vulnerable and infirmed to accept people totally infested with a contagious virus. The elderly and the sick are those who are the most susceptible to dying from COVID—and Cuomo pretty much decided to hand down their death warrants.

The man is the grim reaper. Recently, he said that unnecessary COVID deaths were the fault of incompetent government. Andy suffers from an appalling lack of self-awareness.  Now, as it’s been exposed that he’s a lying COVID clown, he says it doesn’t matter where people died under his watch. It doesn’t matter to him because at the end of this—the truth is he killed those people. The elderly in the nursing homes died directly because of his order.

Tom Elliott of Grabien News has quite a Twitter thread charting the total and complete collapse of the media-manufactured myth that Cuomo was an ace on COVID. In the beginning, he blamed Trump for giving the appearance he did anything wrong regarding the nursing home order. Then, he blamed the nursing home staffers. He also said he issued the order because of China, or something, while also blaming the Trump administration. He’s also been caught denying he ever signed the order.

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