The New Liberal Dictionary

Derek Hunter,
Liberals do not use language the way everyone else does. Normal people use it to communicate, to convey thoughts and feelings to other people. Liberals use it as a weapon, a means of control – stray from their accepted terminology and word usage and prepare for hell. To the left, words mean whatever they need them to mean and can, at any given moment, be redefined on a whim. The left is no longer burning books, they’re now only burning the dictionary, one word at a time.

With that in mind, it has become necessary to let people know which words no longer mean what we think they do; which words have been redefined to fit the needs of the left. What follows is a list, incomplete because they’re never done, of a few key words and their new meanings.

American: It used to be pretty clear, citizenship was the yardstick for this one. But citizenship is no longer what it used to be. What it means to be an American to the left is now a circumstance of wanting, not of being. Those who fit under the old definition are to work and pay taxes, adhere to laws and be subjected to punishment if they break them. The new definition is anyone with a foot on the land and a desire to stay. Taxes are optional, and broken laws carry no consequence. After all, if they were brought into the court system they might be deported, and that can’t be allowed to happen. It’s fast becoming more beneficial to be in the country illegally than to be an actual legal citizen, illegals have local governments budgeting for lawyers to defend them from deportation with the money of the suckers many have stolen the identities of in order to work.

Science: When you were a kid, science meant proof. For something to be scientifically accepted it had to be proven. That didn’t mean infallible, things thought proven could be disproven, but they had to be demonstrable and replicable. Now, not so much. Science is now about feelings and the future. It’s a crystal ball and a “Spidey sense” rolled into the arms of wishful thinking and an awaiting agenda. God is dead, this new “science” is the left’s god, and climate change is the church. Proof is for suckers; contrary evidence is heresy.

Gender: You would have thought this one was settled, since it’s indisputable biology, and the “party of science” wouldn’t deny science, right? But the biological differences that are responsible for every human’s existence is in flux. It’s the Kinks song “Lola” come to life. No one cares how anyone else lives, but “live and let live” is not allowed anymore. It used to be when you saw someone arguing with a lamp post you could cross the street and leave them to it. Now you have to take their side against the lamp post. If someone declares their “truth,” you have to play along. More than that, you have to alter the words you use to fit their desires. And if they make up a pronoun, you must bow to their will. (RELATED: man and woman no longer mean anything in general life, but woman can still be used as a shield in the next redefinition.)

Racist/Sexist/Homophobic/etc: These are the hardest new definitions to nail down because they can mean anything anyone disagrees with a liberal on. Whatever group the disagreed with non-liberal can claim membership in, simply slap an “ist” or “phobe” on the end of it and go. These words lose their power with each use, which means they have very little sting with the general public anymore. It also means real instances of such things are either drown out or fall on deaf ears by Pavlovian cries to disagreement.

Liberty: The meaning of this word used to be simple, it’s new definition is simple too: it’s the exact opposite of the old one. The entire concept of freedom is now government providing services; government dependence. It’s forced largesse; charity by proxy through taxes…under threat of prison, against those who earn. It’s a good thing George Orwell didn’t live long enough to see his cautionary tale turn into a handbook.

These are but a few of the newly redefined words the left is unleashing daily on an unsuspecting public. There are many more, like “Hitler” is now defined as “Trump,” replacing “Bush,” which replaced “Reagan” as the definition of the same word. Not only is gender “fluid,” everything is. Whatever a liberal needs a word to mean or something to be at any given moment, they will declare it to be.

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