The Man Behind the Curtain: Exposing the Secret Network of George Soros

George Soros’ web of influence is documented and exposed.

No one else in modern politics has anywhere near the power and influence of George Soros, both domestically and internationally.

Backed by the tens of billions of dollars he’s accumulated throughout his career, Soros has his hand in influencing the media, activist groups, colleges, presidential elections, global elections, local U.S. politics, and much more.

Soros has earned himself a reputation as a “boogeyman” character on the right, and nowhere else will you read such an extensive documentation of his influence as in this book.

In this new video, author Matt Palumbo talks about his new book: The Man Behind the Iron Curtain. It explores the domestic and international far-reaching influence of leftist financier George Soros, backed by his tens of billions of dollars. Don’t miss it.

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