The Lies Liberals Need to Tell Themselves

Derek Hunter, Victimhood is a currency on the left. In fact, it’s THE currency on the left, better than Bitcoin. The more you can claim for yourself the higher esteem you are held in among the intelligencia and elitists who seek to control the people of this country.

That’s why there is this scramble, this desperate fight, even by wealthy leftists to claim they’re somehow a put-upon victim.

The latest piece of performance art in the quest for the ultimate status on the left comes from Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post.

Capehart has an estimated net worth between $1 and $5 million, which isn’t bad for someone who doesn’t produce anything tangible or break a sweat throughout the course of the workday, unless the air conditioning breaks down. Still, he’s a victim. In a column entitled, “Being Black in America is Exhausting,” Capehart plants his flag firmly on victim mountain because of things that didn’t happen to him.

Honestly, the biggest obstacle he lists among a hypothetical list of grievances is he hasn’t driven across the country because of his skin color. He writes that when he thinks about “buying a car, my interior color selection will hue toward tan. The better for the police to see inside in case I get stopped for driving a nice car or whatever, which is why my dream of driving across country will remain a dream.”

I just realized I haven’t mentioned that Capehart is black. He’s also gay, but that’s not from where he’s claiming martyrdom at the moment, and both of those characteristics are irrelevant to what type of person he is. But it’s what he would like himself wrapped in for these purposes.

“There is no one way to be Black in America,” he writes, “but there is one way we live while Black in America. No matter our gender, age or socioeconomic status, we are viewed as threats. As a result, we live under siege.”

He then complies an inane list of things he wants readers to believe he can’t do because of his skin color – admiring a nice house or looking closely at a nice car – but he never cites any actual examples of him doing those things and it going sideways. Realistically, if he’s to be believed (and I don’t believe him), any “restrictions” placed on him are placed on him by him.

Liberals have convinced themselves that this is a horribly, wildly racist country; that police are racists who’d like nothing more than being able to kill a black man each and every shift. They can’t back up their claim with reality, so they construct a different one where people starting fights with cops are the victims. Where actual numbers are ignored while the rarity is presented as the norm. Through repetition, the lie births a narrative and the narrative constructs an alternate reality.

The truth is there for all to see, even in the Washington Post itself. It’s searchable, easy to find, and blows every left-wing narrative about race and policing straight to hell.

Even individual cases held out as racism can be debunked quickly, if you pull your head out of the liberal narrative for a minute. George Floyd was murdered, Tony Timpa might as well not have existed. Tamir Rice was a tragedy, Peyton Ham is a yawn. For each case the leftist media hypes there is another case just like it that they don’t, all because of skin color.

Capehart quotes a friend who felt the need to apologize to him for the sin of not understanding “the contours of our pain.” This person, obviously a fellow leftist, wrote, “I’m sorry you wake up every morning to a world that doesn’t appreciate you, doesn’t give you the same rights as your white counterparts, and expects you to give joy and humor just because you are allowed to live.”

Anyone familiar with Capehart’s work, from his writings to his television show and commentary on MSNBC, would never expect him to give joy or humor; leftists are incapable of those things.

Fact is, if you look at Capehart’s work, crying racism is damn near all he’s got. If you listen to Democrats in the last decade, crying racism is all they have. That’s all MSNBC and CNN do anymore. I don’t understand white liberals who crave to be demonized, or every other liberal who wants to be told they’re victims. Then again, I’ve never been into S&M, so what do I know?

But one thing I do know is liberals need to believe in lies, for both the sake of their agenda and their sanity. Without them, all the left has is failed policies and a history of being perpetrators of the things they claim victimhood over. I hope Jonathan takes that road trip he says he can’t. Maybe if he actually meets America his eyes will be opened, at least a little. Doubtful, though, since he likely knows the truth. But in the liberal media, you amass millions of dollars in net worth by actually telling it.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses.