The Left’s Key Inspiration

Jack Kerwick, A tale about cowardice and fear.

Over the weekend of August 14-16, Antifa and Black Lives Matter rabble rousers—those who, being the domestic terrorists that they are, spare no occasion to subject civilians to intimidation and violence for the sake of advancing their political ends—encountered some patriotic civilians who weren’t about to be terrorized (hereherehere, and here).

And this occurred in multiple cities throughout the country.

Since then, these terrorists have met with yet more resistance.

Their fellow partisans in Big Media would have us think that it is only ever “white supremacists,” “white nationalists,” and/or “the far right” who have a problem with anti-American radicals that are known for leaving nothing but destruction in their wake.  Of course, and as readers of this column know all too well already, these are nothing more or less than the lies of choice of a Government-Media complex for which leftist street thugs serve as a paramilitary wing.

In reality, the patience of an ever-growing number of Americans—normal, everyday, essentially patriotic, hard-working, law-abiding Americans—is growing thin with these home-grown enemies of their way of life.

Yet even now, it is never the Fake News Industry’s “white supremacists” that go in search of BLM and Antifa gatherings (riots) to crash.  When there are violent exchanges between, on the one hand, “white supremacists” and, on the other, “anti-fascists” and “anti-racists” (Big Media’s propaganda knows no limits), it is invariably the “mostly peaceful protesters” who are the instigators.

As I’ve contended in previous articles, the troublemaking revolutionary-wannabes in the streets possess the same psychology as that possessed by all bullies.  Everyone reading this, by virtue of having once been a child, knows well the profile to which I’m referring.  The bully, you see, is actually a coward.  He is a coward because the bully threatens and coerces only those over whom he at least thinks he has every advantage.

In other words, the bully is a coward because he picks upon those who he is convinced are weaker than himself.

The rioters, the looters, the arsonists, and the assaulters who the Democrats in Congress and in Big Media champion as crusaders for “social justice” and “resisters” are bullies.  They target only those who they assume in advance will provide them with little trouble.

And because they are bullies, they are cowards.

Recently, Jamie Glazov had on his fan-supported show Francis Buk.  Buk is a black African from the Sudan, an author, and a former slave.  You’ve read this correctly: Buk was but a boy when he was abducted by Arab Muslims who hacked and burned to death his parents, siblings, and many of the other men, women, and children of his Christian community.

Buk’s story, for all of its horror, is at once tragic and outrageous.  The man himself is compelling.  Through the grace of God and no small supply of will power, Buk has not only survived; he is flourishing today as a free man in America.

The point, though, for now is that, in 2020, legions of Africans, particularly Christians and other non-Muslims, possess experiences comparable to those that Francis Buk relayed to Jamie Glazov and The Glazov Gang audience:

Homicidal oppression and an especially brutal form of slavery remain endemic to several countries throughout the continent.

And yet, whether they are in academia, government, the media, or on the streets, those in America and the West who are the most zealous of Social Justice Crusaders, those who labor incessantly to discover ever-new expressions of “racism” and “oppression” with which to indict white people and for whom it is perpetually 1619—these “anti-fascist “and “anti-racist” warriors are utterly silent when it comes to the barbaric treatment to which African Christians and other black Africans are systematically subjected by (mostly) African and Arabic Muslims.

Sure, it’s true that investing resources in drawing attention to the plight of these blacks at the hands of these perpetrators doesn’t promise any economic or political payoff for the agents of the Racism-Industrial-Complex.  Yet there is something even more fundamental that accounts for what to a minimally observant person can only seem like a glaring contradiction:


To put it both simply and a bit crassly, Western leftists—black, white, and other—haven’t the balls to consider, to say nothing of defy, agents of real evil.  For that matter, whether evil or not, they haven’t the balls to stand up to anyone who they have good reason to suspect will genuinely, physically, harm or kill them in response.

Our “anti-racists” would be the first to—again, at the risk of sounding crude—shit all over themselves if the likes of Francis Buk’s captors so much as eyeballed them.  Hell, the self-proclaimed champions of “Black Lives” don’t say or do anything to black American gangbangers and drug dealers in black neighborhoods who prey upon innocents, including (all too frequently) innocent women and children.

For more than the last quarter-of-century, Hispanic gang members have busy at work prosecuting a campaign of “ethnic cleansing” as they’ve violently driven blacks from once notorious Los Angeles ghettoes, turning the latter into barrios.

Predictably, the “mostly peaceful protesters” of Black Lives Matter have said and done…nothing.

And they’ve remained as quiet as the proverbial church mouse for the same reason that they are silent when black and Arabic Muslims abduct, enslave, rape, pillage, beat, and hack, shoot, and burn to death other black Africans.

They remain silent in the face of Hispanic-on-black crime and violence for the same reason that they are silent when black criminals rape, pillage, beat, intimidate, and murder innocent, law-abiding black men, women, and children.

The advice that Hitler once gave to the British government regarding Gandhi encapsulates an insight that American political partisans of all stripes prefer to neglect.  Gandhi was causing unrest under English colonial rule of India.  Hitler wrote: “Shoot Gandhi, and if this doesn’t suffice to reduce them to submission, shoot a dozen leading members of the Congress, and if that doesn’t suffice, shoot 200, and so on, as you make it clear that mean business.”

There is no question that had it been Germany, specifically Nazi Germany that controlled India, then Gandhi’s name wouldn’t be remembered.

Obviously, this is an endorsement of neither Hitler nor his prescription for Gandhi.  Rather, the example illustrates succinctly the point that I’ve been at pains to make.  There is a reason that no Gandhis, Martin Luther Kings, or any other world renowned leaders of mass “liberation” movements ever seem to arise from the Nazi Germanys, Soviet Unions, North Koreas, and black-run African countries of the world: People in these places know in their bones, they know with conviction, that resistance on their part promises to end with brutal suffering and death—for them.

In short, it is fear, a raw, primal, and justified fear that informs their decision to acquiesce rather than resist.

Violent leftist “anti-racists” and “anti-fascists” are violent only with folks who they already suspect in advance will not be equally violent with them in return.  They are, then, bullies.

And because of this, they are cowards.

Patriots who look with horror and shock at the riotous thugs in the streets of Portland (and numerous other cities) need to know with whom and what they are dealing.