The Dem 2020 Trainwreck Shows a Divided Party

The Divided Democrats: Despite the media’s fondest hopes, the 2016 Republican nomination wasn’t settled with a convention battle. The 2020 one won’t either. Instead it was the Dems who narrowly dodged that ball in 2016 and are risking it again in 2020.

The 2020 clown car is divided between cult candidates and mediocrities. No two candidates better exemplify that than the two front runners, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. They both represent radically different constituencies, black voters and white lefty elites, who define and divide the Dems.

That’s true of the entire race with its niche candidates, its cults and its career politicians. None of them have a true way forward because despite greater message unity than ever, the Dems are divided into mutually incompatible candidacies with no common way forward.

Biden’s black voters are not about to flock to Bernie. And Bernie’s white hipsters won’t go for Biden. Both see the other as alien and everything wrong with the Democrats.

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Identity politics has divided the Democrats even as radicalism has manufactured the appearance of unity.

And there is plenty of room for President Trump to benefit.

Julian Castro Ends Presidential Campaign To Spend More Time With His Accusations of Racism

Julian Castro, one of the worst candidates in a race that includes random billionaires, a blonde white woman who lied about being Indian, and Joe Biden, is leaving a race he never had a whelk’s chance at.

Castro, who ran a bold campaign of scowling tearfully at the camera, speaking bad Spanish, and accusing everyone of racism, never caught fire with Latinos, black people, white people, Asians, homeless vagrants, the KKK, ninjas or even the Castro family. The highlight of his campaign did include destroying Beto O’Rourke’s campaign.

Unfortunately destroying other people’s campaigns didn’t help Castro’s own campaign forcing him to resign in order to spend more time with his accusations of racism. Insiders expect that Julian will take his accusations of racism to Disneyland, And the Griffith observatory followed by a late dinner at the Brown Derby.

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Creepy Uncle Joe Breaks Promise To Stop Being Creepy

The Democratic front runner was caught once again doing something perverted with a small girl, breaking an earlier pledge the candidate made to stop being so creepy. Biden was filmed doing several inappropriate things with the small child as the defenseless girl attempted in vain to get away.

In the video, Biden can be seen zeroing in on the girl. As he approaches her and begins caressing her back, Biden coaxes the child into giving an awkward hug. Then, the repeat offender places his arm around the girl and presses his mouth against the child’s ear. The candidate then begins nuzzling and whispering softly to the child. The girl visibly recoils from the candidate as he continues to rub her back and gaze leeringly at her.