The Deliberate Destruction of America and the World

Lorraine Day, M.D., EVERYTHING You Need to Know!

Speaking About News  The One World Government has been planned for hundreds of years: Proof!

Speaking About News  The Planned Destruction of the U.S. Military: Who’s doing it and Why?

Speaking About News  Who killed the Kennedys and Diana?

Speaking About News  When will they take away your guns?

Speaking About News  What 3 Cities run the world?

Speaking About News  Underground bases in America: Why?

Speaking About News  Did we REALLY go to the Moon?

Speaking About News  Did Osama bin Laden work for the CIA?

Speaking About News  Transhumanism: What does that mean?

Speaking About News  Americans are embracing their killers!

Speaking About News  Is it possible to FAKE an Alien Invasion?

Speaking About News  The Satanic degradation of America’s Elite: How is it happening and Why?

Speaking About News  What is the goal of vaccinating the whole World? Covid-19 and the Great Reset!

Speaking About News  Who Started Black Slavery in America?

Speaking About News  Can “Man” Control the Weather?

Speaking About News  The coming Religion: Worship of Satan!

Speaking About News  Now the U.S. Gov’t can legally kill Christians: For what reason?

Speaking About News  When will ALL this be Over? And How?

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The Deliberate Destruction of America and the World

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