The corona-virus is integrated into the collapse of the U.S. economy

Glen Beck in a video posting on YouTube commented about “Why Biden’s Afghanistan failure wouldn’t have happened under Trump”, I paused for a second and realized that many minds are not understanding that President Trump was gifted, by the ruling elites, to begin collapsing the United States – economically, politically, etc. Some have used the term “decommission” for this as well.

Before Trump was elected president, Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, etc. were sending messages about some type of infection that would appear at a future time and whoever was the president when that happens will have to deal with.

The corona-virus breaks out in December 2019 and started to spread very quickly, with many asking the question: how did it proliferate so fast, – then came the lockdowns – global lockdowns with many people staying home with only the essentials working. (Note: Comments from an elite source in 2009. See below.)

In the Trump presidency they started to announce the pullout of troops from Syria; a decrease of troops in Iraq; troops pullout from Turkey, etc. But always the U.S. politicians friendly to Israel would try to block these moves from going forth in a successful way.

The U.S. under President Biden has started to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. And Britain, Germany, France, etc. are saying that they are also pulling out troops. The pulling out of troops from other parts of the world is going to continue because the U.S. can no longer afford the cost of overseas deployment stations.

Chinese state media is saying that the United States will ‘abandon’ Taiwan, too, ‘once a war breaks out’. CNSnews quote, “A Chinese state mouthpiece reacted to the fall of Kabul to the Taliban on Monday by saying the crisis has dealt a severe blow to U.S. “hegemony,” and suggesting allies like Taiwan should be careful about placing their trust in the U.S.”

And China pokes at Taiwan as the United States wobbles from their Afghan defeat: “Once war comes, the island will collapse and the U.S. won’t come to help”, says China’s state media.

The United States is materializing at its own pace the fact that it’s going into economic collapse. The corona-virus saga in the U.S. is causing a lot of schizophrenic behavior among the people – with them not getting accurate information to secure themselves from the corona-disease, etc. and things are getting very disorderly, divisive, etc. and serves as distractions from the fact that the United States is collapsing.

Comments from an elite source in 2009 about the pending collapse of the United States

According to the source: All debts – personal, state, municipal, federal, national – will be cancelled. That there is no money, as in bankruptcy the economic collapse of the United States; so lets starts with a clean slate. To keep utilities functioning such as light/electric, gas, water, etc., show up at your work site and be willing to work. We are becoming a “volunteer society”, the source says. And that many would probably rebel against the volunteering society concept and so Marshal Law would have to be implemented. Many people will have to stay in their homes because no one would be able to come after them anyways. People will stay in their homes if they lost their mortgage; lets organize vegetable gardens because food is not coming in as efficiently anymore – meaning food shortage. Neighborhood meetings become popular – many will go to the airport to get humanitarian food. Town hall meetings in airports. – There will be no support for bankruptcy reorganization of the Federal Reserve. The shut-off of the Swiss Transfer mechanism. ( So this pending collapse that is coming for the United States, many countries tied into the western economic money transfer system will be affected until a new international payment system is setup, and one that is not controlled by the West.) The elite source continues: When the economic collapse is officially acknowledged into the open, everybody will be laid-off. All debts have been cancelled. People loosing their homes, bank accounts and everything. ( I assume some will in the beginning stage of the U.S. economic collapse.) How do you get people to realize that all the participation they did for many decades in the election process was a put-on/show? – It had nothing to do with them losing their jobs, bank accounts, losing their homes, losing everything. – The juggling [i.e. Wall Street speculation, etc.] of the other guy’s [i.e. countries] economy is constant – goes up today and down tomorrow. Global chaos – everybody is acting [i.e., the planned breakdown, economic collapse, etc.], but it has to be good theater. ( What the source is saying is that there was always a plan to take down the economy.)

The corona-virus is integrated into the collapse of the U.S. economy. And it’s the subjective opinion of some that the side effects from the Western vaccines is an ongoing process to damage the immune system, so people can die off quickly. It seems to be because of the chaos that the economic collapse will bring: Millions of people in the United States are going to get hungry and stave due to the breakdown in food supply and manufacturing systems; lawlessness; a massive increase in crimes; the collapse of the central government in Washington DC; state governments barely functioning with some state governments on the verge of collapsing, etc. And so a period of holocaust behavior will appear again. When that time materializes there will be no one to stop it, because the functioning states bodies for security, law and legal matters have all collapsed.

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