The California Green New Deal Act

Lloyd Billingsley,
The Golden Brown state sets the pace for 2020 Democrat candidates.
“Science is telling us what to do,” explained California Assemblyman Rob Bonta on Monday.

The Oakland Democrat, a lawyer, did not showcase any scientific data, and Californians across might have spotted someone else telling Democrats what to do.

Bonta was announcing the California Green New Deal Act, as California Globe editor Katy Grimes noted, for the most part a carbon copy of the national Green New Deal of New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. As her campaign manager admitted, the deal was not really about climate but a “how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.” Californians could easily spot the same bait-and-switch trick.

While warning of a climatic existential threat, Bonta said, the measure dealt with “equity.” Man-made climate change “disproportionately impacts lower income communities,” claimed Hollister Democrat Robert Rivas. San Bernardino Democrat Eloise Reyes cited “inequities and racial injustices, public health and environmental justice,” and so on. No Democrat offered any scientific data or cost estimates, but Bonta had a general idea.

The California New Deal will be “big and expensive,” but for the Oakland Democrat any cost is justified. After all, he said, “when Congress goes to war, we don’t ask how much.” In similar style, the always understated AOC is indifferent to costs, and Democrats objected when Mitch McConnell proposed an actual vote on the Green New Deal. In that respect, the California version awaits a more favorable handling.

Certain to be in favor is state environmental boss Mary Nichols, like Bonta a lawyer, not a scientist. “Queen of Green” Mary, as the Atlantic dubbed her, has never seen a regulation she didn’t like. In 2007 Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger brought back Nichols to champion the state’s “Global Warming Solutions Act.” Jerry Brown reappointed Nichols in 2011, and the zealot has never needed to face the voters. On that side, the state’s Green New Deal enjoys other advantages.

Democrats hold vast majorities in the Senate and Assembly, making California a de-facto one-party state, and there are no “blue dog” Democrats to call for accountability. Previous governor Jerry Brown, for all his fatuities, was sometimes a capable goalie. Not so new governor Gavin Newsom, who has signed measures Brown vetoed.

More than ten million false-documented illegals live in California and when they get driver’s licenses, the DMV automatically registers them to vote. Millions do vote, and illegals are now, in effect, the state’s electoral college, voting for Democrats in exchange for protection from deportation through sanctuary laws. This massive voter fraud cancels the prospect of positive change through ballot measures such as Propositions 13 (1978, tax limitation), 209 (1996, no more racial and ethnic preferences) and 227 (1998, ended bilingual education).

State Democrats now target all these measures and have imposed the nation’s highest income and sales taxes. Newsom touts a healthy economy but fails to account for revenue volatility and fathomless pension debt. In these conditions the state can scarcely afford another “big and expensive” program. The state’s actual environmental crisis is more on the brown side, particularly in San Francisco.

In Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district, the streets are piled high with excrement and maps mark out the deepest defecation areas. This is both an environmental and public-health crisis, but Californian Democrats look the other way as the problems get worse.

San Francisco just elected as District Attorney Chesa Boudin, son of violent Weather Underground terrorists, named after fugitive cop-killer Joanne Chesimard, and a former advisor to Venezuelan socialist dictator Hugo Chavez. The credentialed Boudin announced that he would not prosecute public defecation, and such actions quickly spread to grocery store aisles.

Assemblyman Bonta did not specify what science is “telling him” about the burgeoning excrement problem. For their part, actual scientists are raising other issues.

Frances Arnold, a Nobel laureate in chemistry, recently retracted a paper on enzymatic synthesis of beta-lactams, published last year in the journal Science. “The work has not been reproduceable,” explained the California Institute of Technology chemical engineer. Arnold is well aware that, to be legitimate, a scientific study must be reproducible because replication allows examination of the data and the possibility of different conclusions. If the study is not reproducible, it is not really science.

Democrat Assemblyman Bonta predicted rising temperatures but offered no hard data that had been reproduced by others. Predictions are not science, and those who predicted apocalyptic scenarios are seldom around when their prophecies fail. A bust on science, climate alarmism works best as a fearmongering ruse for a takeover of the economy.

The California Green New Deal will accelerate the Gadarene descent of a high-tax, one-party state already wallowing in its own filth, without the slightest clue what to do about it. On the other hand, the Golden Brown state may offer a silver lining of sorts.

California showcases what the nation would look like under a Green New Deal, Medicare for all, no borders, and taxpayer funded health care for illegals. These are the policies Democrat candidates are advancing, with the election less than a year away. As President Trump says, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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