The “Big One” Is Imminent? 10 Tectonic Plate Movements

The “Big One” Is Imminent? 10 Tectonic Plate Movements Related To Major New Madrid Adjustment!!

I hope this video makes it more clear, that the major shifts of the surface of our planet, have begun… there is a focus on the New Madrid, because it’s a major continental shift, even causing the Mississippi to reverse direction.

In the future we’re going to see things like Atlantis and Lemuria rising… as well as evidence of past advanced civilizations.

The coastlines are definitely going to be affected all over the globe.

What is shared here, are the initial steps of what will be widespread changes, no place on earth will be left untouched… there is no safe place… only safety with our Creator.

You might be the only person in your community-at-large, that has access to this information.

Will you share, or will you be saddened in the future, when things take place and many suffer. We can help them BEFORE the shift hits the fan, DURING AND AFTER.

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