The Biden Riots Have Started and Here are the Facts

Julio Rosas, I’m about to jump on another flight to cover another Leftist riot.

that makes TWENTY.

Twenty flights since the beginning of the riots back in May 2020. I have been on the ground reporting the facts at almost every major riot and protest that has rocked our nation.

From Minneapolis to CHAZ to Kenosha to Portland to Louisville, I have certainly seen it all.

In fact, I’m writing this letter on a flight to another hotspot.

It is dangerous work that requires long hours and a “keep your head on a swivel” mentality. It is taxing on the mind, body, and spirit, but I know it’s important because so many in the media are not willing to take on such a challenge or report honestly about this growing trend of Leftist rioting and violence.

Def. Sec. Chris Miller and FEMA head Pete Gaynor are in charge of the country

That said, this type of work is not cheap. As I mentioned before, twenty flights in about eight months. And it’s not like we are able to plan the flights weeks in advance as I often leave within 24 hours of an incident, sometimes to the other side of the United States the same day. Not to mention all the money that is required for hotels, Ubers, trains, food, and sometimes rental cars.

Riot gear to help keep me safe is another expense that is not exactly low cost. Everything from bullet-resistant vests to gas masks to filters for those gas masks adds up.

I hopefully won’t end up with any more souvenirs like this one from Minneapolis.

In all honesty, I mistakenly believed the riots would be mostly over when Joe Biden became president, but as places like Portland have shown us, groups like Antifa are just getting started.

Our reporting is critical to explaining the situation on the ground.

Impeach Obama for Inciting Black Lives Matter Riots

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