The Alliance has everything under full control

There are clear signs that the Alliance has everything under full control.

I agree with (Q) The Storm Rider. This Fox News whistle blower was allowed to talk live about the revelations of corruption at Fox News. That’s because the Alliance now controls MSM.

Live TV delays are available for live TV.

When reporter Ivory Hecker exposed FOX NEWS and threatened to come clean, no one at fox news center censored her or stopped the broadcast. why?

White hats have it under control.

Trust the plan.

Watch this close-up of Biden at the G7 press conference, toying with anti-Trump hints. Again, full control of the Alliance – otherwise it would never have been shot in detail and in slow motion.

boom. (Q) The Storm Rider : The CDC has admitted that vaccination causes inflammation of the heart in young people.

The CDC recognizes heart risks for young people who must stop vaccination against covid-19 in people under the age of 30.

Stew Peters

Look at the reaction of these Israeli children when they were told they no longer had to wear masks. heartbreaking.

The stories of people who have woken up are always a joy to read.

I voted for Hillary in 2016. I was an unpatriolist liberal atheist. I hated Trump for three and a half years. Then the cold virus hit. As a registered nurse, I knew this was nothing more than a cold or flu. In fact, when we have someone positive for Covid, A is positive. I left the Democratic Party in July 2020. I lost a lot of friends. I was also very loud on Facebook and at work. I absolutely love President Trump.

Finally, enjoy and enjoy Jon Stewart, who is handing out giant red truth pills about the virus on national television.

We’re winning. The light WINS. Let yourself feel this divine reality deep in your heart and in your bones. Nothing can stop what’s coming, light warriors.

When your children or grandchildren ask you in a few years whether you took part in the alliance’s last battle to save humanity, be proud to say, “Yes, I was there.”

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Widespread communication outages

Starship Earth has released a list of all federal buildings currently closed in Washington DC.

It’s stunning.

Why don’t people ask about this emergency situation in the capital of the (supposedly) most powerful state on the planet? According to anecdotal evidence, many of these buildings are collapsed. Incredible.

The closure has now been confirmed by a member of the US Congress. All buildings are CLOSED to the public and tours cancelled until further notice. This includes:

Library of Congress

FBI building

Office of Engraving and Printing

State Department


Smithsonian Museum

National Zoo

Holocaust Museum

National Archives

John F. Kennedy Center for scenic arts: Until further notice, the building is closed to the public and all performances canceled.

National Cherry Blossom Festival: All events CANCELLED

Arlington National Cemetery: Closed to the public, families open for visitors, planned funerals will proceed as planned.

Museum of the Bible: CLOSED (until January 28)

International Museum of Espionage: OPEN

National Arboretum: OPEN only on site (National Bonsai and Penjing Museum and administrative building are still CLOSED to the public).

Tucker Carlson showed in an explosive Fox News segment that “inside” FBI agents could have played a much bigger role than the people actually accused of intruding into the Capitol on January 6.

These are all very good questions from Relentless Truth – remember that Biden is just a DS puppet/ scapegoat.

Who issued the order to spy on Mr. Trump, set a trap for Flynn, and create a file?

Who ordered the execution of two unsubstantiated impeachments?

Who issued the order to stop counting votes on election night?

Who financed Iran, which indirectly financed Hamas’s strikes on Israel?

Who’s currently giving Joe orders?

There are widespread communication outages in the US and Australia. This could be the first sign that we’re entering the Ten Days of Darkness. Australia’s four big banks are trying to explain and eliminate the outages affecting their customers. Great thing!

President Trump is scheduled to speak publicly at a wall on the southern border on June 30. All indications are that this will be a presidential-style visit. It’s the perfect introduction to the July 4 “presidential” performance – which will lead to full official inauguration celebrations sometime in August.

I’d just like to give you some information about the original queen based on surveillance.

First, she never wore a floral casual dress on formal occasions. never. She always wore a heavy crepe-fitted and lined dress similar to a suit. AND ALWAYS A hat. always.

Two: The original queen had quite thick ankles. The new fake queen is much younger and slimmer and has “attractive” ankles.

I read a reminder at the FB that she certainly wasn’t a real queen. Protocol doesn’t allow her to walk free, she’s always had some kind of headgear. So they’ve noticed it before.

Well, light warriors – there is a certain excitement in the air, a highly anticipated atmosphere. That we would finally pull back the curtain in an extremely lavish gesture and reveal the great and terrible Reza (DS) as the poor creature we always thought he was?

Keep the swords of Truth high up.

Where We Go One We Go All.

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Jennifer Bourgeois, Fox 26’s business coordinator, revealed that the network’s coverage of COVID-19 is potentially affected by the CDC’s large spending on pro-vaccination advertising.

“Yes, they (cdc) are spending money. They spend money because they can.”

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Senator Rand Paul on Wednesday called for those involved in funding coronavirus research at the Wuhan Virological Institute to be re-admitted to the investigation.