That post-election ‘smell’ arises from Google, others

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A conservative columnist is convinced that Big Tech played a major role in what he contends was the stealing of the 2020 presidential election.

Sunday on the Fox News Channel, President Donald Trump was on “Sunday Futures” with Maria Bartiromo, where he made it clear he’s not backing down from his contention that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from the 74 million-plus people who legally voted for him.

Trump: “They stuffed the ballot boxes – and they used COVID as a means to stuff the ballot boxes. Joe Biden did not get 16-million more votes than Barack Hussein Obama [got in 2012]. He didn’t get it.”

Conservative activist and columnist Robert Knight argues that the battle for election integrity is far from over.

“They have sworn affidavits that there was ballot-tampering, [that] poll watchers were excluded, that ballots were counted after deadlines – I mean, [there were] lots of violations,” he tells One News Now. “It’s clear something has gone on that doesn’t smell right.”

In his latest column, The Digital Election Heist, Knight says while Trump’s attorneys “continue to challenge the validity of bizarre tallying,” anyone interested in free and fair elections should consider the role of Big Tech – which he argues has a built-in bias toward left-wing opinion and left-wing candidates.

“And nothing could have been more obvious than this past election when they openly censored conservative sites, blocked posts, added caveats saying things like ‘This is unproven’ or ‘This may not be a legitimate opinion.’ They intruded into the process,” he emphasizes.

And Knight explains that for years, behavioral psychologist Robert Epstein has warned that Google – which accounts for more than 90% of Internet searches – can easily determine elections by adjusting algorithms to favor one party over the other.

“And he [Epstein] has the data to show it,” the columnist continues. “He’s done studies showing that they could move millions of votes. And after doing a study in three states, he said that he believes that at least six-million votes were shifted using the censorship and the algorithms that favor the Biden candidacy. That’s pretty scary.”

And Big Tech isn’t alone, according to Knight. The media, he says, keep telling those millions who voted for the president to “Move on … Just forget about it … Biden’s president … Get used to it.” But Knight says Trump isn’t giving up the fight – and neither should his supporters.

“People should hang in there. Pray that the truth comes out,” he urges. “And remember that God is still firmly in control.”