Just a few days ago, Senator Ted Cruz challenged the Biden administration when he promised to bring a sweeping wave of impeachments against the President for his dismal leadership at the Southern Border. While a firm stance, even garnering a response from the White House, Senator Cruz is taking a completely new stance regarding the Democrats. Apparently, it involves joining their narrative that on January 6, a storm of enraged domestic terrorists sought to overthrow the government by overtaking Capitol Hill.

The notion that America could be overthrown by any group of people taking over a single building is already outlandish. But given that the Democrats often believe themselves as higher than common citizens, they viewed a supposed attack on their grounds to be the start of another Civil War. But although that is an absurd theory, in the video below, Cruz is shown saying that the protest was a “terrorist attack.”

It should be noted that while the Democrats and now RINOs like Cruz are suggesting that protestors are violent insurrectionists, it was Ashli Babbitt who lost her life when she posed no threat but was shot by a capitol police officer while trying to climb through a window.

Adding to that same thread, in recent months, it has been shown and theorized that federal agents played a key role in the manipulation of the January 6 protestors. And although some might not agree with the government interfering, the FBI has been accused of manipulating citizens before. It wasn’t long ago that the kidnapping attempt of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer had around 12 FBI informants working it.