Trump slams Pelosi as ‘grossly incompetent’ Calls impeachment inquiry a ‘kangaroo court’

President Trump on Tuesday upbraided House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for allowing House lawmakers to focus on the ongoing impeachment inquiry instead of voting on a revamped North American free trade deal that was brokered by the White House last year. Speaking during a Cabinet meeting at the White House – and as House lawmakers

Official’s testimony on Trump-Ukraine call conflicts with diplomat’s story

State Department official David Holmes’ testimony on a newly revealed phone call between President Trump and Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland seems to conflict with that of top diplomat Bill Taylor at last week’s lead-off impeachment hearing. Taylor, who testified before the House Intelligence Committee last Wednesday, said he had just learned about the

A. G. Barr accuses the left of systemic ‘sabotage’ of Trump

Attorney General Bill Barr accused congressional Democrats Friday of “using every tool” to “sabotage” the Trump administration by setting a “dangerous” precedent in implying that the government is illegitimate. During a speech at the Federalist Society’s dinner in Washington, Barr took aim at the “resistance,” accusing liberal lawmakers of attacking the very foundations of the

Impeachment Has Jumped the Shark

Katrina Pierson, Impeachment has jumped the shark — now that the American people have seen the truth about the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, they are rejecting the Democrat Party’s fictional Ukraine narrative. According to a recent Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs poll, 59 percent of Americans believe that President Trump’s Interactions

Trump Delivers on Trade Secrets Despite Headwinds at Home

F. Vincent Vernuccio, Some laws merely protect potential individual or corporate victims. Trade secret laws protect the entire nation, but they are being challenged in a manner that could produce serious harm both to America’s economy and to its national security. In the information age of the 21st century, research and development is the new

Democrats release new batch of testimony from Trump impeachment inquiry

A Pentagon official detailed confusion and concern in the U.S. national security apparatus after the White House blocked aid to Ukraine without explanation, testimony released Monday by the congressional impeachment panel into U.S. President Donald Trump showed. Testimony by Laura Cooper, deputy assistant secretary of defense, is the latest in a series to be made

YouTube/Facebook Censoring Journalists Reporting on Dem Operative in Trump Impeachment

Daniel Greenfield, The social media war on journalists continues as Facebook and YouTube take down content by journalists reporting on the identity of the Democrat operative at the heart of the Democrat impeachment case against President Trump. These acts of censorship impede the ability of journalists to report on a major news story, possibly the

Dem leader tells GOP to ‘GET LOST’ over impeachment inquiry witness list

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rep. Hakeem Jeffries blasted Republicans and labeled them as a “#CoverUpCaucus” after they submitted a list of witnesses they would like to call for public testimony as part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Jeffries, D-N.Y., also questioned the validity of the witnesses in a brief but fiery tweet