The Left’s Immigration Laws: The Ultimate Con Game

Michael Cutler, Undermining public safety, public health, national security and the jobs and wages of American workers. I have written ever so many articles about how globalists have used deceptive language to deceive Americans about the true nature of our immigration laws, beginning with President Carter’s edict, issued during his administration, that INS employees, replace

Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Medicare-for-All’ Plan Burdens the Middle Class

Joseph Klein, What the radical presidential candidate would rather not discuss. Senator Elizabeth Warren is the “Occupy Wall Street” presidential candidate. Years after she claimed credit for creating “much of the intellectual foundation” of the radical Occupy Wall Street movement and declaring “I support what they do,” Warren is now demonizing Wall Street as part

U.S. opens national security investigation into TikTok

The U.S. government has launched a national security review of TikTok owner Beijing ByteDance Technology Co’s $1 billion acquisition of U.S. social media app, according to three people familiar with the matter. While the $1 billion acquisition was completed two years ago, U.S. lawmakers have been calling in recent weeks for a national security

Warren health care plan would be a devastating national nightmare

Justin Haskins, Far-left Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has marketed herself as the Democratic presidential candidate with a plan for just about everything. She’s right about that, but her incredibly expensive plans would cause enormous harm – especially her dangerous, nightmarish and fantasy-based “Medicare-for-all” plan. If you want to destroy America’s health care system, deprive Americans

A New Protected Class – Climate Refugees

Jennifer G. Hickey, Immigration Reform Despite a record number of illegal alien apprehensions at the southern border in fiscal year 2019, Democrats have unveiled a plan to admit a minimum of 50,000 “environmental migrants” every year beginning in 2020. In short, the proposal being pushed by Rep. Lydia Velázquez (D-N.Y.) is the ugly stepchild of

Black Unemployment Hits New Low for 6th Time Under Trump

Daniel Greenfield, Numbers like these are why the Democrats are obsessed with impeachment. When you can’t talk about the economy, what can you talk about? Here, via Project 21, are the latest and lowest black unemployment numbers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) just released its October employment report, which shows a 3.6 percent

Is California Becoming Premodern?

Victor Davis Hanson, More than 2 million Californians were recently left without power after the state’s largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric — which filed for bankruptcy earlier this year — preemptively shut down transmission lines in fear that they might spark fires during periods of high autumn winds. Consumers blame the state for not