Stop The Steal The Week Ahead is Most Important


This week will be one of the most important of our lifetimes.

Hearings are taking place around the country and we must have a good showing at these locations to send a clear message that we will not allow voter fraud to go unchecked.

– Hyatt Regency Downtown Hotel, Phoenix, AZ – 9AM

– State Capitol, 501 N 3rd St  – 9AM-3PM

– State Capitol, 206 Washington St SW – All day
– Georgia Secretary of State’s Neighborhood Caravan – 6PM
– Georgia Governor’s Mansion 391 West Paces Ferry Road – 6PM
– World Congress Center 285 Andrew Young International BLVD  NW- All Day

It is VITAL to share this message with all your friends and family. Forward this email and share the graphic above to your social media.

We must have as many people in the streets at these locations to #StopTheSteal.

If you’re stuck at home, make calls to GOP elected officials.

Their numbers can be found at the links below:

This will be the most important week so far, so we need to get the word out FAST, it’s now or never, Patriots!

Now is the time to fight back against corruption and save our Republic.

– Daniel Bostic
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