Stop The Steal: General Michael Flynn Speaks Publicly

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn spoke at the Stop The Steal march in Washington D.C. on Saturday, in his first public remarks since President Trump granted him a pardon last month.

Speaking in front of thousands of Trump supporters outside the Supreme Court, Flynn urged the demonstrators to keep the faith.

“In this crucible moment of our time, we have to pray that truth triumphs over lies, justice triumphs over abuse and fraud, honesty triumphs over corruption,” Flynn said. “Our sacred honor triumphs over infamy.”

“Don’t get bent out of shape,” he added. “There are still avenues…We’re fighting with faith and we’re fighting with courage.”

“The courts aren’t going to decide who the next president of the United States is going to be,” Trump’s former national security adviser said. “We the people decide.”

Flynn also called out the Democrats and cowardly lower courts for refusing to look at the myriad of election fraud evidence that’s been uncovered.

“I mean, we’re only asking to show us a little transparency,” Flynn said. “Why not recount? Why not look at the signatures? Why not look inside these machines? Why not? What are they afraid of? What are they hiding from? They’re hiding from something.”


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