Stay away from vaccinated people, says Pfizer documentary

Tereza, The elites have already fled to their hideouts after launching genocide.

Pfizer’s official document states that inhalation and physical (skin) contact with vaccinated individuals transfers everything found in vaccines to the unvaccinated, and the results are devastating.

Part of this pfizer document says:

  1. If a man who has not been vaccinated touches the vaccinated woman or breathes the air she breathes (in other words, passes by her in the office) and subsequently has an affair with his wife, his wife can have harmful side effects and should avoid getting pregnant.
  2. If a woman who has never been vaccinated has been exposed to a woman who has been vaccinated, she may:

A: miscarriage

B: spontaneous miscarriage

C: poison the child with your mother’s milk

D: having a child with mental health problems

It’s universal and very bad. Here is a small part of the text that I have translated. Professional exposure

Work exposure occurs when someone has unexpected direct contact with a person who is vaccinated who is in the study, which may or may not result in an unfavorable condition. These people may include caregivers, family members, and others who are close to the clinical trial participant.

If such exposure occurs, the investigator should report it to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of learning of the event, whether or not it is associated with an adverse side effect. This should be reported using the vaccine adverse reaction reporting form, in case this information does not concern the participant included in the clinical trial will be reported separately.

WARNING: Participants in a vaccine study (i.e. vaccinated) become super-spreaders. It does not mention what is going on, but it does cause unwanted side effects in people who have never received the vaccine when they have been exposed to it to those who have received it.

The bad news is that only here in this quoted text is it warned that unvaccinated men who have been exposed to a vaccinated woman will give everything in the vaccine to another woman.

Even this relatively small part of the document I published above states that the vaccine causes spontaneous abortions and reproductive problems when unvaccinated people are exposed to vaccinated and breast milk from the vaccinated mother can harm the infant. And if anyone doesn’t believe that, click on the link at the beginning of the article to review this huge deliberately confusing document. This is real for humans, the vaccine is actually LETHAL INJECTION.


Here’s a small part of this huge documentary directly from Pfizer:

10.3.1 Definition of adverse reactions:

Concept: “test procedure” = product injected into the vaccine subject

AE: side effects in the person who received the vaccine.

UAE: Undesirable side effects in a person who has been exposed to someone who has received the vaccine.

EDP: exposure during pregnancy.

8.3.5. Exposure during pregnancy or lactation and exposure at the workplace

Injections of the test product during pregnancy or lactation and workplace exposure should be reported to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of notification to the investigator.

Exposure during pregnancy (EDP)

EDP occurs if:

We found that a participant who is pregnant during or after injection

A male participant who receives an injection or who has discontinued the injection exposes the partner before or around the time of conception

A woman who is pregnant during exposure or after exposure to the vaccine product tested as a result of exposure to the environment (contact with the recipient of the vaccine) has been found to be pregnant. Here are some examples.

A family member or healthcare professional declares that she is pregnant after being exposed to the product tested, inhalation or physical contact (with the vaccinated person).

A male family member or healthcare professional who has been exposed to the test product by inhalation or physical contact (with the vaccinated person) then exposes his partner before or at the time of conception.

If this vaccine did not spread to other individuals, why would contact between vaccinated and unvaccinated be a remarkable event? If this vaccine doesn’t spread, then why does it have to be concerned about a man who was around a vaccinated woman even if he didn’t touch her or had an affair with her? So his wife doesn’t get pregnant?

And that’s not all. What follows is much worse.

The testers should report pregnancy exposure to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of the findings, regardless of whether an adverse side effect (UAE) has occurred.”” The initial information provided should include the expected date of birth (see below for information on termination of pregnancy).

If exposure occurs during pregnancy with a participant or partner, the investigator should report this information to Pfizer Safety on the “Vaccine Adverse Reactions Reporting Form” and “Supplemental Form of Exposure During Pregnancy.” Regardless of whether there was a side effect on the undesirable party.

Pregnancy details will be collected after initiation of injections and up to 6 months after the last dose of vaccine. Where the exposure information does not apply to the participant registered for the evaluation, this information shall not be recorded in the ‘case reporting form’, but a duly completed copy of the ‘vaccination adverse reaction report form’ shall be stored on the spot in the institution carrying out the study.

The institution will monitor pregnancy until the term (or termination) and recommend to Pfizer Safety the outcome of the pregnancy as part of the follow-up of the initial form of supplemental exposure during pregnancy.

In the case of viable childbirth, structural undamaged newborn can be assessed at the time of birth. If the pregnancy is aborted, the reason (reasons) for termination should be stated and, where clinically possible, structural non-harm to the lost foetus should be assessed by macroscopic visual inspection (unless the results of the pre-treatment test detect congenital anomalies and if the results have already been recorded).

Abnormal pregnancy outcomes are considered unwanted side effects. If the outcome of pregnancy meets the criteria for adverse side effects (i.e. out-of-heart pregnancy, spontaneous miscarriage, intrauterine death of the foetus, death of the newborn or congenital defect), the investigator should follow the instructions for reporting adverse side effects. Other information about pregnancy outcomes reported by Pfizer Safety as unwanted side effects includes:

Spontaneous miscarriage, including silent miscarriage,

Deaths of newborns occurring within one month of birth [8] should be reported as adverse side effects, regardless of causality. In addition, infant deaths after 1 month should be reported as adverse side effects when the institution assesses infant deaths as related or potentially related to exposure to the vaccine product tested. The vaccine sponsor may request further information regarding exposure during pregnancy. Exposure during breast-feeding

Exposure during breast-feeding occurs if:

Participant breast-feeding during or after vaccination.

A breastfeeding woman who is exposed or after exposure to the test product of the vaccine (i.e. exposure to the environment). Example of exposure to the environment during breastfeeding: a family member or healthcare professional who breast-feeding after exposure to the vaccine product tested by inhalation or skin contact [with the vaccine recipient]. The investigator should report breastfeeding to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of the discovery of the facts, regardless of whether an undesirable side effect has occurred.

Here is a clear part of this text that anyone can understand: Professional exposure

Workplace exposure occurs when a person unexpectedly comes into direct contact with the vaccine product being tested [through a vaccinated person], which may or may not have adverse side effects. These persons may include carers, family members and other staff involved in the care of the study participant.

I translate into everyday language:

Workplace exposure occurs when an individual has unforeseen direct contact with the person being tested by the vaccinated [vaccinated person] – which may or may not lead to adverse reactions. These people may include caregivers, family members, and other workers who are around the clinical trial participant. If such exposures occur, the investigator should report them to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of the discovery of the facts, regardless of whether side effects occur. As this information does not concern the test study person, it will be recorded separately in the documents.

My comment: That’s why we see Biden on the green screen. They all appear now on the green screen (in front of the green screen), we just caught Biden. They’re on the green screen and in the background because they opened Pandora’s box and intend to hide until it’s over. That’s why a lot of people say that the White House is empty and that they work in the studio because they’re not really there. In cases where they find themselves in front of the camera, they’re not where they say they are. In India, disaster is happening now, because this country was the first to inject vaccines, and it has the highest number of people vaccinated than any other country.

“Eye-time” ???

Yesterday I posted a lot of observations from truck drivers who noticed many other very strange traffic accidents after the COVID vaccine started killing people. Cliff High named this phenomenon: “eyelids”, use this term to wake up other people. It is clear that the vaccine causes people to black out, stroke, cardiac arrests, and now very strange collisions and even crazier frontal collisions are visible on American highways.

In any case, a frontal collision is always a better option for a hot scale. If you see a zombie eye facing a head-on collision, don’t hesitate to head into the ditch unless there’s a guardrail or you’re on a bridge. Many of these events will soon be seen on highways in the US, so be vigilante while driving. This is likely to grow to huge sizes in a month or more, and will remain at its maximum until they are vaccinated in wheelchairs.

Bad omen

A few days ago, the removed a 2025 page that showed that America has fewer people than 100,000,000 (100 million). Now the site is completely gone. This means that they didn’t even want the site to be maintained at all after the owner’s death, even though there were still staff to maintain it. And that means that the forecast for 2025 may still be relevant.


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