States De- Masking – What’s Changed?

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Mark Schumacher, It’s Interesting That We Now Have States De- Masking – What’s Changed? – It’s The Cash Boss!

Anybody who has listened to Henry Shivley and John D’s daily show or have read from our web site knows damn well our people have been duped by a phony ass pandemic, using a simple flu virus to effectively shut down the country’s economy, that much is obvious, it’s just that now we are going into another phase.

Incredibly, this fairy tale has lasted this long, but let’s take a look at what the communists are going to start to flap their yaps about now. These goddamn traitors are going to tell us that this phony ass cluster has started to disappear and that less people are getting sick.

Yes, they are right on point because everybody has been mandatory strapped with an illegal as hell mask, yes we have had less flu spreading around obviously. Its’ a very easy thing to say, everybody has been strapped up, so yes, less people are getting sick. Makes total sense.

But why now, that’s the question and that’s even easier, everybody is going broke, millions of restaurants are closed, and China does want to keep spreading the cash around, simple.

So now we go to the next phase of this fairytale cluster of shit, the big reopening of the American economy, this is where it’s going to get interesting because 3 or 4 states have already gone maskless, and it’s about friggen time yes, but to what end?

What the hell was actually accomplished? America has turned into a China/ Israeli science project gone Frankenstein stupid, and the money is getting short, time to shut down the phony ass pandemic and let the billionaires count the loot.

I can guarantee you all this, American trillions has left our pockets, and has been systematically transferred to the enemies, time to make some more so these toilet bug commies can do it again, but only if we let them. Americans have started to figure this garbage out, it’s going to be interesting, we have been robbed, that’s for goddamned sure…

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