State Dept. Reveals Sick Plan for US to “Play a Leading Role” in Absorbing More Muslims

 While Christians in the Middle East are beheaded and mercilessly attacked for simply not being Muslims, their attempts to flee to the United States for safety are increasingly being denied by Obama’s State Department.

But at the same time, Obama freely allows Muslims refugees — people who aren’t even threatened like Christians are in their home countries — to enter the United States by the thousands, set up permanent residence and eat on your hard-earned tax dollar.

According to new information from State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, the United States is “prepared to play a leading role” in resettling thousands of Rohinga — the name for Muslims in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

“We’ve already resettled, I think, more than 1,000 Rohinga, and we said we’re prepared to take a leading role in any (United Nations)-organized effort,” Harf stated on Wednesday.


She added, “It has to be a multi-country effort. We obviously can’t take this all on ourselves. But we are prepared to play a leading role in this effort.”

The news came on the heels of official word from the U.N. that time was running out for thousands of Muslims stranded “on at least five boats near the Myanmar-Bangladesh coasts for more than 40 days,” according to spokesman Adrian Edwards (H/T Pat Dollard).

The Obama administration has also reportedly given hundreds of millions of dollars in financial assistance to resettle the fleeing Muslims.

With no way to vet the Muslim immigrants for past criminal violations and terrorist activity, Obama’s State Department continues to put American lives at risk on American soil.

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