Stalinist-friendly Democrat Nancy Pelosi aims to undo the 2016 election from Abroad

Lloyd Billingsley,
“By coming here, we want to say to everyone we are still are still in, the United States is still in.”

That was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the United Nations climate conference in Madrid this week, with an all-Democrat delegation in tow. What the United States was “still in,” according to Pelosi, was the climate accord from which President Trump had withdrawn.

“We aren’t here to talk about impeachment of the president of the United States,” Pelosi proclaimed, “We’re here to talk positively about our agenda to save the planet for future generations.” On the other hand, the Speaker’s actual agenda was already on full display.

With Judiciary Committee boss Jerrold Nadler gearing up for impeachment hearings in Washington, Pelosi was countermanding President Trump’s decisions and claiming to represent the United States. From a UN platform in a foreign country, Nancy Pelosi echoes the Democrat charge that Donald Trump is an illegitimate president who stole the 2016 election. In effect, she now tells the world that Trump will soon be gone, and this comes as no surprise.

The supposedly moderate Pelosi has reversed herself and green-lighted the impeachment proceedings as a solemn duty for the benefit of the nation. In other areas the Speaker remains remarkable consistent, and revealing.

“Thanksgiving is an all-American holiday,” Pelosi said in a statement last week. “when our country recognizes the great blessings that have been bestowed upon our nation.” The Bible’s wisdom in the Book of Ecclesiastes, Pelosi explains, “is echoed in the song ‘Turn! Turn! Turn!’ by Pete Seeger.” He is the only person named in her message, without the back story of the strumming Stalinist.

Seeger joined the Communist Party in 1942, after the Stalin-Hitler Pact and in 1945 became director of People’s Songs, Stalinist evangelism wrapped in populist pieties. At that time, as Bobby Gentry might say, everything was an “Ode to Uncle Joe.”

Seeger was not the most talented American Stalinist, trailing Paul Robeson, Lillian Hellman, and others, but he never flagged in zeal. In his emeritus years, Seeger joined the campaign to “Free the Cuban Five,” operatives of the Communist Castro regime that gave Seeger a prize. As it happens, the banjoist Bolshevik was not Pelosi’s only Stalinist star.

“Harry Bridges was arguably the most significant labor leader of the twentieth century,” Pelosi wrote in the Congressional Record in 2001, on the 100th anniversary of Bridges birth. Bridges was “beloved by the workers of this nation, and recognized as one of the most important labor leaders in the world” and his International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union was “the most progressive union of the time.”

In reality, Harry Bridges was a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party USA, directly approved by the Kremlin. True to form, Bridges “progressive” union obeyed every twist and turn of the Party line. In 1948 and 1952, the Communist Party did not field candidates and instead backed the Progressive Party. Bay Area lawyer Vincent Hallinan was the Progressive Party candidate for president in 1952, and Nancy Pelosi is a veteran cheerleader for the Hallinan family.

By 1968, the Communist Party was again fielding candidates and in 1976 Gus Hall got a vote from college student John Brennan, who would go on to head the CIA. In 1979, American Communist Angela Davis won the Lenin Peace Prize and in 1980 and 1984 Davis joined the ticket under Gus Hall. Ronald Reagan crushed them, and as notes, after that the CPUSA urged voters to support the Democrat Party. The influence still shows.

Like the Communists, the Democrats maintain a single party line on most issues and mouth the same slogans in lockstep fidelity. They choose for their congressional leader not some thirty-something rising star capable of proven accomplishments and capable of working across the aisle. They pick a leftist fossil like Nancy Pelosi, in Congress since 1987, an aging champion of Harry Bridges and Vincent Hallinan, and careful to give thanks for Pete Seeger.

In 2016, Nancy Pelosi signed a statement celebrating New Left Icon Tom Hayden, a high-profile supporter of the Vietnamese Communist regime that deployed the speeches of Hayden and Jane Fonda as a sound track for torture sessions of Americans. The statement hailed “the movement for social justice that lives on in the platform and the people of our Party.”

Throughout the Cold War, the Democrat Party was a servile appeaser of Communist Russia, with Sen. Ted Kennedy even seeking covertly to deploy Russian aid against Reagan in 1984. After the victory of Donald Trump in 2016, the Democrats changed course and erupted in McCarthyite rage.

“What do the Russians have on Donald Trump, politically, financially and personally?” Pelosi wondered in July of 2018, during the height of Mueller probe hysteria. Pelosi postured as an opponent of impeachment but a look at the current Democratic field convinced her to go all-in on the hearings by serial prevaricator Adam Schiff, essentially a Stalinist show trial.

With Nadler’s sequel gearing up and President Trump in London for a NATO meeting, Nancy Pelosi flies to Spain and tells the world “the United States is still in.” And now abide Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi, but the greatest of these is Pelosi.

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