Soros DA Candidate Accused of Sexual Harassment

Daniel Greenfield,

One of George Soros’ big investments this cycle, downstream, was the push to make George Gascon,the Los Angeles DA, while ousting  Jackie Lacey, a black woman, who was deemed not pro-crime enough.

But despite Soros’ millions, the backing of California’s Democrat establishment and Black Lives Matter harassment of Lacey, Gascon is struggling.

And this won’t help.

The latest Yashar Ali expose drags in not only Gascon, but Mayor Garcetti who, in an unusual move, switched his support from Lacey to Gascon.

This summer, after Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti began hinting that he might change his endorsement in the contentious LA County district attorney’s race, a former Los Angeles Police Department lieutenant emailed him with a warning: The candidate Garcetti was leaning toward had sexually harassed her years earlier when they worked together in the LAPD, she said.

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The former lieutenant said she wanted Garcetti to know what the candidate, former San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón, had done to her before the mayor issued his formal endorsement.

Despite that, Garcetti went only to back Gascon. Meanwhile Gascon’s alleged victim claims that…

“During a period of time, while I was the President of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, he made several sexual advances toward me, and continually attempted to manipulate situations to attempt to start a sexual relationship. Finally, after several attempts and several ‘no’s’, I began to avoid any meeting with him. I did not file a sexual harassment complaint at the time, although several people in the Department were aware of his continual sexual advances toward me. George Gascon did not only harass me; he tried to ruin my reputation by falsely telling others he had slept with me. I believe he did that as a revenge attempt to trash my reputation in the Department because I refused his sexual advances.”

Garcetti and the Democrat establishment chose to ignore this. But Black Lives Matter and George Soros pull a lot more weight than another #MeToo story.

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