Something Funny Is Going on in Arizona. Here’s What We Know So Far.

Matt Vespa,

Arizona was going to be tight. Trafalgar, the most accurate battleground state poll in 2016, showed Trump with a two-point lead. It was going to be another squeaker. Right now, Fox News says that Mark Kelly has defeated Sen. Martha McSally and Joe Biden has taken the state. It’s a flip, right?

Not really. No one else has called this race, except for Fox News, which has raised the eyebrows of many. Arizona is called, but North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and other key states aren’t. Why?

Now, as I’m writing this, Texas and Ohio have been called for Trump.

There appears to be a whole swath of Election Day votes that haven’t even been counted. Also, CNN and MSNBC have yet to call the race. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey tweeted, “It’s far too early to call the election in Arizona. Election Day votes are not fully reported, and we haven’t even started to count early ballots dropped off at the polls. In AZ, we protected Election Day. Let’s count the votes — all the votes — before making declarations.”

Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel, an Arizona native, tweeted that he felt the race would be close, but noted that returns have remained lodged at 73 percent.

“Not an elections expert at all (obvs). But in the past, AZ results are updated several times an hour until they’re all done. Been close to 2 hours since new data came in. Results from Maricopa are at 0%. From Pima, 1.2%,” Gabriel added.

Stay tuned.


Sen. Martha McSally is not conceding.

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