‘Social Justice’–The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Commissioner Richard Rothschild ,

The buzzword in government these days is “Social Justice.”

At a recent government event, a new caucus was established, proudly proclaiming their goal is to promote Social Justice. A real estate agent recently set me a letter requesting contributions for a new group she established for purposes of promoting Social Justice.

Seems like all you have to do these days is proclaim you are advocating Social Justice; and magically, everyone in the room applauds. Isn’t this politician wonderful? She’s for social justice.

The question nobody is asking is, “Exactly what is Social Justice?”

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get different answers. On the surface, it sounds good; but you’ll soon see that ain’t necessarily so.


 Social Justice isn’t just a goal. It is a deceptive political movement based on socialism. It starts from a premise that individual rights should take a back seat to the collective in order to ensure some groups receive more equal treatment than others. Think of it as affirmative action on steroids. As a practical matter, it is a means of cultivating class envy.

In the newest government realm of Social Justice, your individual constitutional rights of life, liberty, and property ownership are trumped by politicians’ agendas to ensure equal outcomes regardless of ability. This is known as egalitarianism. It means what you earn doesn’t belong to you.

Before you scoff, consider the Iowa State University A to Z sustainability dictionary that defined Social Justice as “based on the concept of human rights and equality and involves… economic egalitarianism through progressive taxation, income redistribution, or even property redistribution.” Unfortunately, this was subsequently removed from the net. I suppose it was too much of a smoking gun.

Consider an article posted by the New Economics Foundation, which claims to be the UK’s leading think-tank, promoting social justice. What do they say? “Promoting social justice and environmental sustainability calls for collective action through the state, locally and nationally, and through transnational institutions.”

Let’s translate: Social justice requires collectivist action via widespread government and globalist organizations. For our students, this means the following: Your individual rights of life, liberty, and property ownership will be trumped, and subject to some government bureaucrat’s notion of what is fair and sustainable in order to promote equal outcomes for all. Those of you who studied political philosophy will of course immediately recognize this as a tenant of Marxism–“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

“Isn’t justice a good thing?” (I hear you ask.)

Yes it is. I personally subscribe to the notion of individual justice as stated in our Pledge of Allegiance that states, “Liberty and Justice for all.” You see, as Americans, we are endowed with a guarantee of liberty and justice as individuals. The problem develops when we place the word “social” in front of the word “justice.” The Oxford dictionary defines “Social” as “Relating to society or its organization.” Social Justice means justice for groups rather than individuals. Anyone who prefers to characterize this as socialism should remember the actual insignia for Fabian Socialists is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

So, Commissioner, what are you trying to tell us?

In reality, 21st century “Social Justice” as promulgated by government is an attempt to empower government to supplant your individual freedoms with collectivist goals.

Everywhere, “progressives” claim we need a new “sustainable” economic system that will holistically integrate the needs of the environment, economy, and social justice. It also has a nice ring to it, until you realize it comes at the expense of your individual freedoms. Government loves it because it means power shifts from the individual to the government. And, it means your rights are no longer unalienable. Rather, you only receive rights your government deems sustainable.

If anyone asks you if you’re for social justice, I recommend the following answer: “No, I’m for preserving our God-given rights of life, liberty, and property as described in the Declaration of Independence, and guaranteed under our Constitution.”

In the new politic of “Social Justice”, the only justice you’ll receive will be limited to what some political bureaucrat thinks you need.

Social Justice? No thanks Comrade, I choose freedom.


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