Sidney Powell Plans Appeals of Dismissed Georgia Lawsuit

After a federal judge dismissed lawyer Sidney Powell’s election fraud lawsuit Monday in Georgia, Powell told The Epoch Times she plans to appeal and “proceed as fast as possible to the Supreme Court.”

U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Batten ruled the case had no standing to sue, the case belonged in state court, and was filed too late.

“There’s no question that Georgia has a statute that explicitly directs that elections contests be filed in Georgia Superior Court,” Judge Batten, a President George W. Bush appointee, said in his ruling. “They are state elections. State courts should evaluate these proceedings from start to finish.”

Powell’s lawsuit sought the remedy of decertifying Georgia’s election results, but Judge Batten rejected the remedy as extraordinary, per the report.

Powell plans to appeal the lawsuit lacks standing or was brought too late.

Powell said in closing her argument, per the Times:

“For those reasons, we request the court to deny the motion to dismiss, allow us a few days, perhaps even just five, to conduct an examination of the machines that we have requested from the beginning and find out exactly what went on and give the court further evidence it might want to rule in our favor, because the fraud that has happened here has destroyed any public confidence that the will of the people is reflected in their vote and just simply cannot stand.”

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