Sidney Powell Fights On With Emergency Filings

Who doesn’t want a street fighter like Sidney Powell on their team? Powell tweeted out a message telling Americans to “pay attention” to the emergency filings she made after the Supreme Court rejected the Texas case last night. She means business…

“We the People will not allow rigged elections.” – Sidney Powell.  

The bottom line is Sidney Powell knows the truth and is like a dog on a bone to expose it. She wants to prove that there was “massive fraud” in the 2020 election.

She spoke with Greg Kelly about the Texas case that was tossed by the US Supreme Court.



Powell tweeted:

Pay attention! We made emergency filings in Supreme Court tonight for Georgia & Michigan. Will be filing Arizona Wisconsin shortly. These cases raise constitutional issues and prove massive fraud.
Our plaintiffs have standing.
We The People will not allow rigged elections.

Powell directed the reader to the Defending the Republic website, where the court filings may be read.

“The future of our Republic is at stake. The left, the media, and a complicit Republican Establishment are attempting to steal this election through a staggering voter fraud operation. The time to fight is now!” – Sidney Powell. 

The fight goes on…Please pray for our nation.

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