Sidney Powell: Dominion Contracts Warrant Criminal Probe

The $107 million contract awarded by Georgia for Dominion Voting Systems should be thoroughly investigated for potential “benefits being paid to family members of those who signed the contract,” according to former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell.

“There should be an investigation, a thorough criminal investigation, frankly, of everyone involved in acquiring the Dominion [Voting] System for the state of Georgia,” Powell told Saturday’s “The Count” hosted by Tom Basile and Mark Halperin.

SCOTUS could overrule state of Pennsylvania on this # Alan Dershowitz

“And frankly for every other state, giving how appalling the system is and the fact it was designed to manipulate the votes and destroy the real votes of American citizens who were casting legal votes.”

Powell’s investigation is turning up potential criminal allegations, including “money or benefits being paid to family members of those who signed the contract for Georgia.”

“I think there are multiple people in the Secretary of State’s office and other that should be investigated in Georgia for what benefits they might have received for giving Dominion the $100-million, no-bid contract,” Powell said.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported in 2019, however, Georgia did receive three bids for the new voting systems, with Dominion winning on being “the lowest-cost system among three companies that submitted bids.”

That contract was pursued by the state after Stacey Abrams never conceded to Gov. Brian Kemp in the 2018 midterm elections, claiming the Secretary of State and Kemp unlawfully ”suppressed” votes by voiding registrations found to be illegitimate.

Dick Morris: Legislatures, Feds Important in Trump Case

As the fight for President Donald Trump’s election moves in the federal court, “our chances of winning increase,” and state legislatures will also come into play, political strategist and author Dick Morris told Newsmax TV Saturday.

“State legislatures like in Pennsylvania are taking their constitutional duty seriously to  determine who won the state and who gets the electoral votes,” Morris, also an analyst for Newsmax TV, told “The Count.” “The Constitution is explicit that state legislatures have that authority.”

In the past, legislatures “rubberstamped” what the state boards of canvassers told them, but now with the irregularities in the state courts, “they are moving in asserting their legal jurisdiction over that and I think that is very important,” Morris said.

Meanwhile, Arizona would be the most difficult state for Trump to win, but Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, the “fraud was very blatant and well planned well in advance,’ said Morris.

“Pennsylvania prepared for the fraud by illegally extending that time you had to vote to 3 days after the election day, clearly in violation of the Constitution and state law,” he added.

Morris also discussed the ruling by Judge Matthew Brann of the U.S. District Court in the Middle District of Pennsylvania, noting that the “mistake” the judge made was that the federal case wasn’t about ballot fraud, but about equal protection under the law.

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