Sen. Rick Scott: I voted for Trump because the 2020 Election is about Family

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Sen. Rick Scott,

Think about the choice you have on Tuesday – a choice that will decide the future of our country.

Forget everything you’ve heard from the media about this election. Forget the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of TV ads. Forget what the candidates have said and forget what the pundits have predicted.

Think about your family.

I was governor of Florida for eight years. I spent every day thinking about what I could do to improve the lives of every family in my state.

I grew up poor. We lived in public housing when I was a kid. I remember when my dad’s car got repossessed. I remember my mom traveling four hours to get to a hospital to help treat my brother’s medical condition.

I thought about families like mine growing up and focused on getting results for them.

We supported our law enforcement and reached a 47-year low in our crime rate. We created nearly 1.7 million jobs over eight years.

We cut taxes nearly 100 times, putting more than $10 billion back in the pockets of hard-working Floridians.

We paid down one-third of state debt to reduce the burden on future generations. And our pro-growth policies allowed us to invest record funding in education, environmental protection and transportation.

Now think about the choice you have on Tuesday – a choice that will decide the future of our country.

Donald Trump supports our law enforcement and has made great progress to secure the border. He believes in the rule of law.

Donald Trump believes in capitalism which creates opportunity for every American to live their dream.

He believes in free-market solutions to address health care needs. More choice and more competition, not more government, is the solution to bring down health care costs in this country.

He supports our military and understands that creating and maintaining the most lethal fighting force in the history of the world is the best way to prevent the forever wars that have taken the lives of far too many Americans and burdened future generations with unnecessary debt.

Donald Trump stands up to dictators in Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and China, using his platform and his pulpit to make clear that there will be no safe harbor for those who kill and deny human rights to their own people, support terrorism, and foment hatred of the United States.

He believes in the greatness of America – a country that, while flawed, is the greatest country in the history of the world. A country that has created more opportunity for more people than any other place on earth.

Now think about former Vice President Joe Biden. He’s a nice enough guy, but after 47 years in politics, with few accomplishments to his name, why should we trust him to handle the challenges our country faces?

Whether or not he’s aware of it, he’s a vessel for the radical policies of the new Socialist Democrat Party.

They want to defund the police, making every family in this country less safe.

They want “Medicare-for-all,” a massive government takeover of our country’s health care system that would eliminate the employer-sponsored health care of more than 150 million Americans.

They want the Green New Deal, a $93 trillion program that would end fossil fuels and destroy our economy.

They want to allow late term abortions and want taxpayers to pay for it.  They want open borders and free health care for illegal immigrants.

They want to pack the Supreme Court – some have even floated packing the District Courts – so they can chip away at our 2nd Amendment rights and our religious freedoms.

To me, this choice is simple.

For the sake of my children and grandchildren and yours, I voted for freedom and opportunity, for a strong military and a secure border, for supporting law enforcement and for the greatness of America. I voted for Donald Trump.

I hope you do, too.

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