See the Racist, Anti-Jew Remark Hillary Made Against Jewish Man Who Worked for Bill

 Democratic presidential nominee front-runner Hillary Clinton might one again alienate any hope of support from the Jewish community after a resurfaced story of what she said to her husband’s campaign manager in 1974 makes the rounds.

At a time when Mrs. Clinton was fighting for support in a heated Democratic Senate race in New York and President Bill Clinton was finishing up his eight-year rule, author Jerry Oppenheimer released a book that had a detailed account of then-Hillary Rodham calling her then-boyfriend Bill Clinton’s campaign manager, Paul Fray, a “f***ing Jew bastard,” after Bill lost his fight for a congressional seat.

As expected, both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Clinton denied that she ever said such a thing, with Bill claiming that the only way Republicans can beat him is by personal attacks and not on a political front.


 “I have never said anything like that, ever,” Mrs Clinton said. “I have in the past certainly, you know maybe, called somebody a name. But I have never used an ethnic, racial, anti-Semitic, bigoted, discriminatory, prejudiced, accusation against anybody. I’ve never done it. I’ve never thought it.”

On the contrary, according to Oppenheimer, there are multiple witnesses who were there, in the campaign office or right outside the door, that heard the anti-semitic slur very clearly.

According to The Guardian, both Fray and his wife, along with campaign worker Neill McDonald all claim they heard her utter the same racist slur.

“You’ve got to understand it was the heat of the moment. We knew we had lost. It was a case of people lashing out at one another and it just got to that point,” Fray explained, but not justifying her harsh words.

With Hillary’s ever-growing list of scandals, it’s important to point out every single one and make sure the American voting public realizes what they’re getting into should they decide to support her.

There’s no universe that exists, in our opinion, where this woman, who has failed the United States so miserably over the past three decades, deserves to be its president.

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