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Worst case scenario: NATO forces enter Ukraine – Alliance bases put on alert – Russian Camps emptied –

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On the border with Ukraine and the Belarusian forces.

The worst-case scenario is unfolding at the moment as Ukraine invites NATO troops for exercises and joint air patrols with NATO aircraft to “stabilize the region”.

This development came after the US-Ukraine communication and the announcement of the State Department as revealed this morning by WarNews247

At the same time, NATO forces in Poland and Romania have been on high alert.

All reports indicate that Kiev has already accepted the offer and that NATO forces will arrive in Ukraine in the coming hours.

US support in Ukraine
Earlier, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke by telephone with Ukrainian counterpart Andriy Taran today.

There, US Secretary of State L. Austin conveyed US readiness to support him.

“The United States will support Ukraine in the face of continued Russian aggression in Donbas and Crimea,” he said.

NATO Headquarters Alarm – Double Meetings
At the same time, two meetings were held at NATO Headquarters. One concerned the convening of a NATO military commission over “Russian aggression.”

“The NATO Council had an urgent meeting to discuss the issue of Russian aggression.

There, the allies exchanged “common concerns about Russia and its recent large-scale military operations in eastern Ukraine and the Black Sea.”

NATO officials told Reuters:

“Russia is undermining the peace effort in eastern Ukraine. The Allies are concerned about Russian violations and large-scale Russian military mobilizations along the Ukrainian border.

Russia has violated the ceasefire 570 times since the beginning of the year.

The deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Roman Mashovets, met with Alexander Vinnikov, head of the NATO office in Ukraine, to discuss the Russian escalation of aggression in the east of the country and the concentration of forces on the border.


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