School Just Found a Unique New Way to Dispose of Michelle’s Uneaten Lunches… She’ll HATE It

 First Lady Michelle Obama has attempted to use the coercive power of the federal government to literally force schools to serve “healthy” food for lunch that meets unrealistically strict nutritional guidelines.

Of course, kids being kids, many have rebelled against the lunches, and schools have been inundated with waste as kids simply throw away the unappetizing lunches rather than eat them.

Now one school in South Carolina has devised a way to make use of the disgusting lunches that are filling up their trashcans — by finding something that is hungry enough to eat anything without caring what it tastes like.

Lower Richland High School has created something of a recycling program for the lunch waste, using worms to create compost that is then used in their solar-powered school greenhouse to grow their own fresh vegetables for use in the school’s culinary program.


School feeds uneaten Michelle O lunches to worms.

The 30-panel solar array, along with a massive food dehydrator into which the wasted food is placed before being fed to the worms, were purchased with the help of a mix of federal and private grants.

According to EAGNews, the project has already cut down on the school’s waste by 50 to 70 percent.

“Everyday, the cafeteria was throwing away food in the past that wasn’t eaten or served,” said Carroll Kelley, supervisor of the school’s program. “So, now we put the food in the food dryer.”

Kelley explained how the school used to see about 200 pounds of organic waste produced by the kids each week.  Now, about 20 to 40 pounds of that reusable waste is collected each day, put into the dehydrator, then fed to the worms, which produce approximately 10 to 20 pounds of compost.

“All the food waste we’ve had, we’ve saved so much from it,” student project supervisor Nazaire Bethea said. “We’re doing something productive with it.”

This is a great idea, and while some may quibble over the school’s use of federal grants to purchase the dehydrator and solar panels, at least they are putting them to good use — along with the disgusting lunches that are seemingly only fit for worms and compost.

Perhaps other schools should try this, or maybe just skip the middle man in the process, the student, and give the unappealing food directly to the worms.

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