Sarah Palin: Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock Preaches Peace

Sarah Palin urges Republicans to ‘crush’ the vote in Georgia senate runoffs.

Warnock Doesn’t Know ‘Peace Begins in the Womb!

DULUTH, Georgia — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) campaigned Saturday for the Georgia Senate runoff election, highlighting Democrat candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock’s views on abortion as they relate to his religious beliefs.

Palin suggested to a small crowd during a stop on Club for Growth Action’s “Save America” bus tour that the views of Warnock, a pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church who does not support any restrictions on abortion, conflict with his faith.

“I’m looking at one of the opponents in this race … He’s a pastor? Warnock, how can you be preaching from the pulpit ‘peace, peace, justice’? He doesn’t know that peace begins in the womb?” Palin asked, adding:

And that justice, justice is protecting God’s most precious, innocent creation? It’s not killing that. We ain’t playing God and killing that and government-sanctioning that. So to see an opponent like that to have gotten as far as he’s gotten? Surely that’s not a representation of what most of you in Georgia believe.

Warnock, who is challenging Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) in the runoff election on January 5, has said his pro-abortion stance is “consistent with my view as a Christian minister.” When pressed during a WGAU interview on if it is “consistent with God’s view,” Warnock replied, “I think that human agency and freedom is consistent with my view as a minister.”

As Breitbart News’s Dr. Susan Berry has reported, Warnock, who has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood, categorizes abortion as health care, which is in line with the abortion industry’s approach. Loeffler’s campaign has pointed out that, in contrast to Warnock, the incumbent senator has the support of “every major pro-life group in the nation.”

Palin’s comments during the campaign stop Saturday come on the heels of Warnock posting to Twitter this week that he is a “pro-choice pastor,” a tweet that went viral and was met with substantial criticism, including from Loeffler herself, who said, “We should ALWAYS protect the most vulnerable among us — and you’ve refused to do so”

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And it’s shameful that you would kill innocent babies right up until birth. We should ALWAYS protect the most vulnerable among us — and you’ve refused to do so. Jeremiah 1:5
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