Russian forces have mobile crematorium that can ‘evaporate’ soldiers

Machinery could be used as a way to minimize appearance of Russian military casualties.

Russia’s cache of weaponry and machinery includes a mobile crematorium, which is mounted on a vehicle and can be deployed if needed during the ongoing, devastating invasion of Ukraine, Fox News has confirmed.

The mobile crematorium has been seen among the Russian troops that, led by President Vladimir Putin, continue their advance onto the neighbor country, The Telegraph reported and Fox News has confirmed.

Ben Wallace, the British secretary of defense, told The Telegraph the mobile crematorium could be used as a way to minimize the appearance of Russian military casualties. Footage taken in 2014 provides a glimpse into the machinery and its capabilities.

Russian forces forged ahead Friday in their efforts to take Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, using what was believed to have been a method of encircling the country following a series of airstrike attacks.

The advance on Kyiv is seen as an attempt to replace the Ukrainian presidency with a Kremlin-friendly regime.

Pre-dawn explosions rocked Kyiv and gunfire was reported in parts of the city, while Ukraine’s military said a group of Russian spies and saboteurs was seen on the capital’s outskirts. Police told people not to exit a central subway station because of gunfire in the area.

The assault, anticipated for weeks by the West, amounts to Europe’s largest ground conflict since World War II. It could also portend the emergence of a new “Iron Curtain” between the West and Russia, with global repercussions.

The U.N. human rights office said it was receiving increasing reports of civilian casualties, with at least 25 deaths verified, mostly from shelling and airstrikes. “The figures, we fear, could be much higher,” agency spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani said. And at least 102 people were said to have been injured so far.

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